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EFG EUROBANK Invests in Education - Central Athens and North Attica


The 166 Senior High School graduates from Central Athens and North Attica, who obtained the highest marks for admission to tertiary education, received their awards yesterday (23.10.2006) from Eurobank EFG.

This event is part of the sponsorship programme "The Great Moment for Education" implemented by the Bank since 2003 with the view to offering a moral and material reward to the best students, in each of the approximately 1,300 high schools in Greece, who achieved the highest mark for admission to tertiary education.

The main aim of the "The Great Moment for Education" programme is to reward young people's efforts in their pursuit of knowledge and to recognize those who have achieved excellence and who represent a prospect and a guarantee for the future. By means of these symbolic awards, Eurobank EFG wishes to promote the timeless significance of the values that inspire and guide young people as they strive for a worthy future marked by creativity and innovative thinking.

So far, through this programme which is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and which concerns about 230,000 senior high school pupils, awards have been presented to 4,510 students.

The Deputy Minister for National Education & Religion, Mr. Georgios Kalos, noted in his address among other things that “a state where the rule of law prevails and which, in accordance with the model of ancient democracy, provides education to its citizens through its institutions and laws, must honour and recognize the best, those who stand out for their skills and efforts. We also applaud Eurobank EFG generous initiative of rewarding since 2003 all the best graduates of our schools, through a special sponsorship programme. Actions like this, which support and complete the state's efforts in the field of education, really deserve to be imitated by many others."

Eurobank EFG General Manager, Mr. Georgios Marinos,stressedthat “Eurobank EFG concern for Education is not simply theoretical but truly substantial as it entails a specific direction and philosophy in all its activities. The Group's successful progress is the outcome of a concerted strategy relying on the continuous and consistent collective efforts of its family of over 19,000 people, people who distinguish themselves for their skills and consistency, their determination to constantly improve their qualifications as they strive for optimum results. We always try to remain committed to these values that we translate into daily practice. It is indicative that the employees working for Eurobank EFG are all highly qualified with an average age

below 36 years. More than 38% of them hold a college or university degree while 13% have a postgraduate or doctoral title. In the last eight years we have brought into our organization in Greece more than 4,000 people while we have processed more than 60,000 CVs. In the same context, we have designed and implemented a special postgraduate studies course in financial services, already in its fourth year. We want Eurobank EFG sponsorship programme for Education, which is developing into a vibrant and successful institution, to become a solid, lasting bridge of communication with society at large and young people in particular.”