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EUROBANK EFG Invests In Education - Mytilini


In the context of the events organized by Eurobank EFG to reward the best students from all Greek high schools who obtained the highest grades for admission to tertiary education, the 6th award ceremony was held in Mytilini.

The sponsorship programme, "The Great Moment for Education”, which was launched by Eurobank EFG in 2003, is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and is one of the most important sponsorship initiatives of the Eurobank EFG Group that has chosen to be actively involved within the community by lending its support to the fields of Education, Culture, Environment and Sports. Through this programme, awards have been given until today to 4,000 students in Greece who have obtained the highest marks and who are the most vibrant message of progress for our society.

The main aim of the “The Great Moment for Education” programme is to reward young people's efforts in their pursuit of knowledge and to recognize those who have achieved excellence and who represent a prospect and guarantee for the future.

Eurobank EFG wishes by means of these symbolic awards to promote the timeless significance of the values that inspire and guide young people as they strive for a worthy future marked by creativity and innovative thinking.

In the context of the programme, which concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece, Eurobank EFG rewards each year the pupi1s who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education in each of the 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.

The award is accompanied by the amount of € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at a Eurobank EFG branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honored the event with their presence: His Eminence the Metropolitan of Mytilini, Eressos and Plomari Iakovos, the Secretary General for the North Aegean Region Sergios Tsiftis, the Director General for the North Aegean Region Georgios Vathrakoulis, the Mayor of Mytilini Aristidis Hatzikomninos, the Mayor of Mantamadou Stefanos Apostolou. Were also present, the North Aegean Regional Director for Primary and Secondary Education Efstratios Tzimis, the Secondary Education Director for the region of Lesbos Athanasios Frangopoulos, the Primary Education Director for the region of Lesbos Stylianos Yakoumis. The event was also attended by the Commander of the Navy Station Constantinos Athanasias, Colonel Nicolaou on behalf of the Commander of the 98th Army Division General George Vezos, the President of the Mytilini Court of First Instance G. Makris, the Manager of the Bank of Greece’s Mytilini Branch I. Patanos, the President of the Lesbos Chamber G. Orfanos, the Vice-President of the Mytilini Trade Association Ms. M. Vervenioti, as well as many members of the region’s economic and social life.

His Eminence the Metropolitan of Mytilini, Eressos and Plomari Iakovos, who took the floor first, said that in today’s competitive society initiatives like the one by  Eurobank EFG confirm that humanism still exists and congratulated the laureates for their outstanding performance and their teachers for doing an excellent job.

For his part, the Secretary General for the North Aegean Region, Sergios Tsiftis congratulated the students for achieving excellence after hard effort and privations and thanked the Bank for its on-going programme, which, he said, is very important as it satisfies young people’s desire for recognition.

The Mayor of Mytilini Aristidis Hatzikomninos, who took the floor next, stated that he was proud to see that once again the pupils of the Lesvos region had obtained this high distinction and congratulated Eurobank EFG for showing through its actions that it is an institution aware of society’s needs, thus supporting extremely important fields such as Education, Sports, Environment and Culture.

In his address, the North Aegean Regional Director for Primary and Secondary Education Efstratios Tzimis, after conveying the congratulations of the Minister of Education, Ms. Marieta Giannakou, noted that the Ministry supports Eurobank EFG programme for Education as it recognizes the students’ efforts for distinction, stressing the Bank’s outstanding contribution to Greek society’s efforts to provide equal opportunities for education and progress.

In their messages, the Regional Governor of Lesvos Pavlos Voyatzis congratulated the laureates and their teachers for this distinction, as well as Eurobank EFG for its tangible support to the region’s students all these years. In addition, Lesvos MPs Christiana Kalogirou and Ioannis Giannelis-Theodosiadis expressed their warm congratulations to the pupils, their families and Eurobank EFG.

An honorary plaque was awarded to the Mytilini 3d Comprehensive School from which Georgia Tsibouki, the student who had obtained the highest overall marks for admission to tertiary education in the Lesvos region, had graduated. The school’s Headmaster, Panagiotis Pittos, receiving the plaque thanked Eurobank EFG for its exceptional initiative and dedicated the award to all the school’s students, the parents and teachers for helping the children achieve their objective.

Finally, in his short speech, Eurobank EFG Deputy General Manager George Zisis stressed that “responding to the challenges of the new era our Bank encourages youth to focus on learning and progress by introducing this institution. At a time when many of the traditional values, which underpinned the development of our society, are being questioned, we must recognize and reward the best, those who set objectives for themselves and choose the difficult path of strenuous effort in order to attain them”.

The recipients of the Eurobank EFG awards for the region of Lesvos are:

  1. Irene-Argyro Adam, Myrina Comprehensive School
  2. Ioannis Aliprantis, Agiasos Comprehensive School
  3. Vartholomeos Axiomakarou, Mytilini 1st Comprehensive School
  4. Myrsini Voudouri, Senior Classes, Agra High School
  5. Harilaos Giorgis, Mytilini Experimental Comprehensive School
  6. Cleanthis Karamvasis, Plomari Comprehensive School
  7. Christos Katrakazas, Mytilini 2nd Comprehensive School
  8. Karen Katsabrokou, Petra Comprehensive School
  9. Ioannis Kontellis, Mytilini Music School
  10. Artemis Constantidelli, Antissa Comprehensive School
  11. Kyriaki Makri, Mytilini 5th Comprehensive School
  12. Eleftherios Manolis-Maniatis, Senior Classes, Mytilini Evening School
  13. Georgios-Chrysovalantis, Polychnito Comprehensive School
  14. Michael Papadopoulos, Mytilini 2nd Comprehensive School
  15. Efstratia Sapna, Gera Comprehensive School
  16. Evangelia Strongylou, Mantamadou Comprehensive School
  17. Marios Tzirtis, Moudros Comprehensive School
  18. Georgia Tsibouki, Mytilini 3d Comprehensive School
  19. Georgia Halvatzi, Senior Classes, Ippeion High School
  20. Haralambos Halios, Kalloni Comprehensive School
  21. Maria Hatzigeorgiou, Pamfilon Comprehensive School

For more information please contact: Niki Katti, tel. +30 210 6896176, +30 210 6839839.