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Eurobank EFG renews its collaboration with the Greek Basketball Federation until 2010

Eurobank EFG is to continue its collaboration with the Greek Basketball Federation until 2010.  The renewal of the collaboration was announced today at a special event and falls within the bank’s sponsorship programme for Greek sports.

This also confirms Eurobank EFG ten-year contribution to sports, since its sponsorship of the Greek Basketball Federation constitutes one of the longest-running sponsorships within Greece.

During the presentation, there was extensive mention to the preparation of the European Champion for the 2006 World Championship, due to start in Japan in three weeks time.

Eurobank EFG has been exclusive sponsor of all national basketball teams since 2001.  By extending the sponsorship until 2010, the Bank confirms its support of the vision and efforts of the athletes, trainers and friends of Greek basketball for continuous development and success.

The renewed collaboration was announced by Eurobank EFG CEO, Mr. Nicholas Nanopoulos.  The event was attended by Mr. George Vasilakopoulos, FIBA Europe President and member of the Board of the Greek Basketball Federation, Mr. Andreas Miaoulis, President of the Greek Basketball Federation, Mr. Panayiotis Yiannakis, National Basketball Team coach, Mr. Lefteris Kakouzis, Captain of the Men’s National Basketball Team, athletes and other basketball notables.

In referring to the renewal of the Bank’s collaboration, Mr. N. Nanopoulos noted that this confirmed the special relationship built up over the years and forged during difficult years for Greek basketball thus creating strong ties based on sincere efforts of the athletes and the conviction of the Bank that success is something one has to strive for. 

“We, at Eurobank EFG, consider it our duty to support the efforts that create prospects, promote the worthy and competent in all fields and provide the opportunity for distinction and reward” was stated by Mr. N. Nanopoulos.  Continuing, he expressed his optimism as to the future of Greek basketball since this sport has the good fortune of having people with vision and passion for success. Eurobank EFG has worked very well with these people to achieve high aspirations.  In conclusion, Mr. N. Nanopoulos warmly thanked and congratulated all those involved in the sport and wished them every success and distinction in the future, starting with the World Championship in Japan.

Mr. G. Vasilakopoulos expressed his great pleasure at the renewed collaboration and thanked Eurobank EFG for the excellent cooperation over the years.  This collaboration, he stressed, which started during difficult times for Greek basketball, is based on principles and values upon which Greek athletes base their efforts.  It is these very principles and values, as well as the vision of all Greeks that will continue to inspire athletes in the future difficult endeavours for success and distinction for which we all have high hopes.

Mr. P. Yiannakis, Coach of the Men’s National Team, stressed the fact that the collaboration with the Bank had proven to be invaluable, not only in terms of the support of the national teams but also due to the increased involvement of young players in the sport.  He noted that it is one of the most rewarding activities for the broader public and gave assurances that the basketball players would do their utmost to make Greeks proud.

Mr. L. Kakouzis, Captain of the Men’s National Team, noted that the support of a strong sponsor with whom they share common values and vision is important for the efforts and achievements of the athletes.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Acropolis-Eurobank Tournament in Greece, Panayiotis Yiannakis and Mihalis Kakouzis also made reference to the preparation of the European Champion Team for the 2006 World Championship due to take place in Japan.