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New Low-Rate Loans by Eurobank for Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ithaki (domestic press)

EFGlaunches a new Loan Programme for businesses in the prefectures of Kefalonia (Kefalonia and Ithaki) and Zakynthos. The programme started on May 12th 2006, offering New Lower Interest Rates and favourable payment terms, especially for the professionals in the two prefectures.

This programme constitutes support to professionals and businesses of the above areas, so as help them normalize their activities and overcome the disruptions they suffered recently.


The programme targets professionals and Small & Medium enterprises with annual turnover up to €2,500,000. It will be valid for Loan Applications submitted to Eurobank branches in both Kefalonia and  Zakynthos, until 30/6/2006.

Theprogrammesbasiccharacteristics are as follows:

Final Interest Rate 5%,plus Government’s fee (of Law with Ref Num. 128/75) andfreelifeinsurance,for all products until 31/12/2006. Following this period, the interest rate will re-adjust to the corresponding Basic Interest Rates of the Bank, without any additional fee. 

Credit Life:Regardingtheworkingcapitaland equipment loans for up to 20 years, and for office space mortgages up to 25 years.

PaymentTerms: There is a possibility for grace period, either regarding the payment of interest rate and capital, or regarding the payment of capital with interest payment only. 

Products: Open Line, Equipment and Premises Line, Checks’ financing, Leasing. 

For more information, theprofessionalsofZakynthosandKefaloniamay contact the SBBOs, (Small Business Banking Officers) in Eurobank.