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“Living the sailing experience” with Olympic Gold Medallists Sophia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoulfa

Olympic gold medalists Sophia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoulfa continue in 2006 their visits and presentations to yachting clubs, in the context of the programme “Living the Sailing Experience “ that was launched in 2005. Last year, the gold medalists of sailing visited, recording great success, six yachting clubs in a corresponding number of Greek cities.

The first visit in 2006 took place on Sunday, April 16th, at the Porto Rafti Yachting Club. The purpose of the visit was to inform young people who love sport and the sea by introducing them to sailing.

“Living the sailing experience” is a Eurobank EFG initiative in co-operation with the two Olympic gold medallists and includes events at local yachting clubs in different cities of Greece. The aim of the two athletes is to promote sailing among young people and make them share their love for the sea, as well as their valuable experience and knowledge.

More than 80 children, 7-15 years old, were present at the event organized at the Porto Rafti Yachting Club. There, they had the opportunity to share with the two gold medallists the secrets of sailing, to be introduced to the joys of the sport and to get a feeling of rigged “Optimist” boats. For all young, budding sailors, this “Living the sailing experience” event was a unique opportunity to learn about the sport.