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The Great Moment Education - Thessaloniki & Halkidiki


On Monday, 28 November 2005, the 120 best students of the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki received their awards from Eurobank EFG during a special ceremony; the 29th in a series of 31 events organised by the Group in the various Greek regions, as part of its “The Great Moment for Education” sponsorship programme.

The sponsorship programme, “The Great Moment for Education”, which was launched by Eurobank EFG in 2003, represents a major educational initiative that further enhances the group’s already strong sponsoring activity in the field of Education, in addition to the fields of Culture, Environment and Sports.

The main aim of this programme is to support and reward school students in their “struggle” for knowledge. Eurobank EFG wishes in this way to make a valuable contribution to the community in which it operates by helping the young generation achieve its high objectives.


The sponsorship programme, “The Great Moment for Education” is supported by the Ministry of Education and it concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece. In the context of the programme, Eurobank EFG rewards each year the pupils who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education. The programme includes all 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.  The award is accompanied by the amount of  € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at a local Eurobank EFG branch.

The Deputy Minister for National Educations and Religion, Mr. Georgios Kalos, in his address congratulated the pupils for their achievement, as well as their schools and teachers, noting that “this important success represents a major resource for their future advancement and career, but also an encouraging message for our country’s global development and progress”. The Minister said that school pupils are the hardest working Greeks, as shown by relevant surveys and the country’s future leaders in all fields will come from among them. He also congratulated Eurobank EFG for its worthy initiative and its support to young people, through this specific programme and its broader sponsoring activity, which rewards their efforts for more knowledge and learning. Eurobank’s EFG sponsorship programme “The Great Moment for Education”, the Minister stressed, “expresses in the best possible way the vision of its founder, the late Yannis Latsis, who has “equaled the generosity of the national benefactors” with his own contribution to working people and the community as a whole.

On behalf of Eurobank, Panagiotis Varelas, Sector Head of the Bank’s Northern Greece Network, was the presenter of the event while the General Manager, Mr.  Efthymios Bouloutas the main speaker. In his speech, Mr. Bouloutas stressed that  “responding to the challenges of the new era our Bank has chosen to encourage our youth to focus on learning and progress by introducing a new institution through “The Great Moment for Education programme”. He then went on to say that “at a time when many of the traditional values, which underpinned the development of our societies are being questioned, we must recognise and reward the best, those who work hardest and who invest actively in learning and culture.  “The Great moment for Education” programme is part of the Eurobank EFG Group’s broader social contribution, which includes major sponsorship programmes in the fields of Culture, Sports and Education Mr. Bouloutas said, emphasising the fact that Eurobank’s primary and most important social service is the creation of new jobs. “Our Bank’s successful performance in recent years has led to the creation of 4,000 new jobs. We have recruited young people with talent, education and energy who have joined our Group and were given career and advancement opportunities in a dynamic, strongly meritocratic environment”, concluded Eurobank’s EFG General Manager.