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Great Moment Education - Etoloacarnania


On Friday, 4 November 2005, the best students of the region of Etoloacarnania received their awards from EFG Eurobank during a special ceremony at the Papastrateio Hall in Agrinio.  This ceremony was the 22nd in a series of 30 events organized by EFG Eurobank in the various Greek regions, as part of its “The great moment for Education” sponsorship programme.

The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education”, which was launched by EFG Eurobank in 2003, represents a major educational initiative that further enhances the group’s already strong sponsoring activity in the field of Education, in addition to the fields of Culture, Environment and Sports.

The main aim of this programme is to support and reward school students in their “struggle” for knowledge. Eurobank wishes in this way to make a valuable contribution to the community in which it operates by helping the young generation achieve its high objectives.


The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education” is supported by the Ministry of Education and it concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece.  In the context of the programme, EFG Eurobank rewards each year the pupils who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education.  The programme includes all 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.  The award is accompanied by the amount of  € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at an EFG Eurobank branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honoured the event with their presence: Etoloacarnania MPs Andreas Karagounis, Apostolos Costopoulos and Marios Salmas, the Regional Governor of Etoloacarnania Dimitris Stamatis, the Deputy Regional Governors of Etoloacarnania Nicolaos Roussis and Georgios Skarmoutsos, Regional Councillors Georgios Kanatas, Nocolaos Katsikarelis, Ioannis Lytras and Pantelis Daskaris, the Mayor of Etoliko Nicolaos Galanis, the Deputy Mayors of Agrinio Pavlos Moscholios and Ioannis Binas, Agrinio Municipal Councillors Georgios Maltezos and Andreas Marnezos, together with many local government officials.  Were also present the Head of the 2nd Secondary Education Office Nicolaos Papagiannis, the Head of the 1st Secondary Education Office Ioannis Chochos, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and other representatives of primary and secondary education, the President of Agrinio’s Medical Association Constantinos Galanopoulos, as well as members of the region’s economic and social life.

Etoloacarnania MP Marios Salmas took the floor first and congratulated EFG Eurobank for its awards programme, which contributes to preserving and perpetuating the standards and values that our times so desperately need.

Etoloacarnania MP Apostolos Costopoulos in his short address conveyed his congratulations to the pupils for promoting the ideals of education through their achievements and to the Bank for supporting their efforts.

In his speech, Pavlos Moscholios, Deputy Mayor of Agrinio, referred to EFG Eurobank’s significant contribution, which helps young students in their pursuit of knowledge and emphasized the fact that the success achieved by 80% of the region’s pupils in tertiary education must be attributed to the efforts of both the education community and the parents.

The Head of the 1st Secondary Education Office Ioannis Chochos took the floor next and thanked the teachers and the parents for their support to the pupils before congratulating EFG Eurobank for its initiative, wishing that others might follow its example. 

Finally, in his short speech, Georgios Zisis, EFG Eurobank’s Deputy General Manager, stressed that, “responding to the challenges of the new era, our Bank has chosen to encourage our youth to focus on learning and progress by introducing this new institution. At a time when many of the traditional values, which underpinned the development of our societies are being questioned, we must recognize and reward the best, those who work hardest and who invest actively in learning and culture”.-

The recipients of the EFG Eurobank awards for the region of Etoloacarnania are:

  1. Vasiliki Ablianiti, Agrinio Comprehensive Music School
  2. Spyridoula Gianniou, Senior Classes, Paleros Junior High School
  3. Ourania Gioti, Agrinio 1st Comprehensive School
  4. Symeon Diamantis, Mataranga Comprehensive School
  5. Panagiotis Evangelatos, AstakosComprehensive School
  6. Thomais Ioannou, Agrinio 5th Comprehensive School
  7. Spyridon Karagiannis, Thermos Comprehensive School
  8. Nicolaos Karatzogiannis, Neohori Comprehensive School 
  9. Stavroula Katsaouni, Mytika Comprehensive School
  10. Christos Kollatos, Mesolonghi 2nd Comprehensive School
  11. Vasiliki-Emilia Komzia, Etoliko Comprehensive School
  12. Evangelia Koutsobina, Agrinio 4th Comprehensive School
  13. Fotini Kyrosi, Amfilochia Comprehensive School
  14. Ioannis Constantacopoulos, Evinochori Comprehensive School
  15. Constantina Loe, Nafpactos 1st Comprehensive School
  16. Spyridoula Nakou, Katouna Comprehensive School
  17. Penelope Dzala, Panetolio Comprehensive School
  18. Filothei Pappa, Embeso Comprehensive School
  19. Heleni Paraskevopoulou, Agrinio 3d Comprehensive School
  20. Myrsini Petropoulou, Mesolonghi 1st Comprehensive School
  21. Olympia Sardeli, Vonitsa Comprehensive School
  22. Christos Sofianos, Agrinio “Palladio” Comprehensive School
  23. Ioannis Stoubos, Agrinio 2nd Comprehensive School
  24. Efthymia Toubanou, Nafpactos 2nd Comprehensive School
  25. Antonios Toumboulidis, Gavalous Comprehensive School