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Eurobank EFG Group, shareholder of LogicDIS S.A.

EurobankEFGGroup, a 28.2% shareholder (directly and indirectly)of LogicDIS S.A., during the company’s general meeting of shareholders held today, announced the following:

1.       Eurobank EFGGroup, acknowledgingLogicDIScapabilitiesandpotential, participatedintheprevioussharecapitalincrease, covering 71% oftheissue, thereforesignificantly increasingits participation in the company. TheGroupalsoannouncedthatitintendstoparticipateinthecompanysupcoming sharecapitalincrease, exercisingits own rights and covering any undistributed shares, provided, of course, that it is still a shareholder of the company.

2.       Considering that LogicDIS activitiesarenotwithintheGroupscorebusiness, the Group is considering a potentialreductionofitsparticipation, in order to allow the entry of a strong shareholder with specialized experience and know-how in the field. If a relevant decision or agreement is reached, it will be announced immediately, according to regulations.

Eurobank EFGGrouphasdevelopedanextensiveandsuccessfulcooperationwithLogicDIS. The group, in any event, is looking forward to extending this cooperation in order to capitalize on LogicDIS’ know how, and high quality services and products, in areas such as standardized third party software, proprietary software, advisory services, development and maintenance of software, IT equipment and technical support of IT systems.