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Great Moment Education - Beotia and Fokida

On Monday, 10 October 2005, the best students of the Beotia and Fokida region received their awards from EFG Eurobank during a special ceremony at the Beotia Chamber.  This ceremony was the twelfth in a series of 30 events organized by EFG Eurobank in the various Greek regions, as part of its “The great moment for Education” sponsorship programme.

The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education”, which was launched by EFG Eurobank in 2003, represents a major educational initiative that further enhances the group’s already strong sponsoring activity in the field of Education, in addition to the fields of Culture, Environment and Sports.

The main aim of this programme is to support and reward school students in their “struggle” for knowledge. EFG Eurobank wishes in this way to make a valuable contribution to the community in which it operates by helping the young generation achieve its high objectives.


The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education” is supported by the Ministry of Education and it concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece. In the context of the programme, EFG Eurobank rewards each year the pupil who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education.  The programme includes all 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.  The award is accompanied by the amount of  € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at an EFG Eurobank’s branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honoured the event with their presence: the representative of Metropolitan Ieronymos Reverend Alexios, Beotia MPs Michalis Giannakis and Vassilios Togias, Fokida MP Ioannis Bougas on behalf of the Regional Governor of Beotia Clearchos Pergantas, the Deputy Regional Governor of Beotia Ms Ariadne Agatsa on behalf of the Regional Governor of Fokida Dimitrios Andritsos, Deputy Regional Governor Efstathios Kappos, the Vice-Presidents of the Livadia Chamber Aristidis Voulgaris and Panagiotis Tsokos, the Beotia Local and Regional Government Director Ms. Evangelia Theoharaki, together with many local government officials. Were also present the Secondary Education Director for Beotia Ms. Antigone Georgiadou, representing the Ministry of Education and other representatives of primary and secondary education, as well as members of the region’s economic and social life.

In his short address on behalf of Metropolitan Ieronymos Reverend Alexios warmly thanked EFG Eurobank for rewarding, for the third consecutive year, the first among the first and commended the pupils for their hard work.

Beotia MP Michalis Giannakis took the floor next and congratulated EFG Eurobank for its “The great moment for Education” programme and wished the young generation every success in its pursuit of excellence.

Beotia MP Vassilios Togias noted that through these awards, which are given for the third consecutive year to the best students, the Bank’s primary aim is to invest in youth and education.

Fokida MP Ioannis Bougas congratulated EFG Eurobank for its excellent initiative that recognizes the efforts and dedication of the best pupils.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Beotia Ms. Ariadne Agatsa, congratulated the Bank for its sponsorship programmes in the fields of Education, the Environment, Culture and Sports and praised the pupils for their many years of hard effort.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Fokida Efstathios Kappos focused on EFG Eurobank’s praiseworthy contribution and on the parents’ efforts in support of their children, commending the young pupils on their achievement.

The Secondary Education Director for Beotia Ms. Antigone Georgiadou recognized the pupils’ efforts and wished that EFG Eurobank might continue to support those who strive for excellence through its sponsorship programmes.

Finally, in his short speech, Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos,Regional Manager of EFG Eurobank’s Branch Offices Network, stressed that “through its sponsorship program “The great moment for Education ”, which is now in its third successful year, the Bank’s primary aim is to reward the best students and recognize the efforts of young people fighting for their visions with education as their weapon”.


The recipients of the EGF Eurobank awards in Beotia and Fokida are:

  1. Georgia Dasargyri, Arachova Comprehensive School
  2. Dimitris Zografos, Thiva 2nd Comprehensive School
  3. Nicolaos Zografos, Thiva 1st Comprehensive School 
  4. Heracles Kambaxis, Aliatros Comprehensive School
  5. Vasiliki Karavangeli, Orchomenos Comprehensive School
  6. Anastasia-Elisabeth Karpouzou, Amfissa Comprehensive School
  7. Vasiliki Kastriti, Distomo Comprehensive School 
  8. Emmanuel Katsikostas, Galaxidi Comprehensive School
  9. Panagiota Kontou, Senior Classes, Akrefnio Junior High School
  10. Georgios Korovesis, Oinofyta Comprehensive School
  11. Georgia Lalla, Itea Comprehensive School
  12. Haralambos Marinis, Thespieon Comprehensive School
  13. Vasiliki Nicolopoulou, Efpalion Comprehensive School
  14. Katerina Economou, Senior Classes, Davlia Junior High School
  15. Panagiota Papathoma, Aspra Spitia Comprehensive School
  16. Vasiliki Papargyri, Thiva 3d Comprehensive School
  17. Maria Paraskevopoulou-Kollia, Thiva 3d Comprehensive School
  18. Anna Pipertzi, Schimatari Comprehensive School
  19. Christos-Isidoros Sakellariou, Senior Classes, Antikyra Junior High School
  20. Christina Tatsi, Livadia 1st Comprehensive School
  21. Efstathia Topaliati, Senior Classes, Davlia Ag. Georgios Junior High School
  22. Alexandra Ambre Tsekoura, Livadia 2nd Comprehensive School
  23. Maria Tsoura, Senior Classes, Kyriakio Junior High School