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Great Moment Education - Lesvos

On Thursday, 29 September 2005, the best students of the region of Lesvos received their awards from EFG Eurobank during a special ceremony at the Mytilini Municipal Theatre.


On Thursday, 29 September 2005, the best students of the region of Lesvos received their awards from EFG Eurobank during a special ceremony at the Mytilini Municipal Theatre. This ceremony was the fifth in a series of 30 events organized by EFG Eurobank in the various Greek regions, as part of its sponsorship programme “The great moment for Education”.

The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education”, which was launched by EFG Eurobank in 2003, represents a major educational initiative that further enhances the group’s already strong sponsoring activity in the field of Education, in addition to the fields of Culture, Environment and Sports.


The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education” is supported by the Ministry of Education and it concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece. In the context of the programme, EFG Eurobank rewards each year the pupil who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education. The programme includes all 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.  The award is accompanied by the amount of  € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at an EFG Eurobank’s branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honoured the event with their presence: the representative of the Metropolitan of Mytilini, Eressos and Plomari, Iakovos, Lesvos MP, Christiana Kalogirou, the Mayor of Mytilini, Aristidis Hatzikomninos, the Mayor of Agiasos Chrysanthos Panagiotidis, the Mayor of Mantamadou Stefanos Apostolou, the Rector of the University of the Aegean Socrates Katsikas, the Harbour Master of Mytilini Apostolos Mikromastoras, the Commander of the Navy Station Constantinos Athanasias, the Chief of the Lesbos Police Department Georgios Tsairidis, the Secondary Education Director for LesbosAthanasios Frangopoulos and many representatives of primary and secondary education, as well as members of the region’s economic and social life.

In her address, Lesvos MP Christiana Kalogirou stressed that all the people were taking great pride in the achievements of  Lesvos’s children, thanking EFG Eurobank for its outstanding initiative to support the students’ efforts.

The Mayor of Mytilini,  Aristidis Hatzikomninos, who took the floor next, noted that attention should be focused on this country’s future which is represented by  children , speaking with pride as the Mayor of the capital city of North Aegean of the success of the Lesvos students at the admission exams, sports and cultural contests and any other activity in which they take part.

The Secondary Education Director for Lesvos,  Athanasios Frangopoulos addressing the pupils stated that, as from this day, alongside their parents and teachers, they have another supporter, EFG Eurobank that backs their endeavours both morally and materially.

Finally, in his short speech, EFG Eurobank’s Regional Manager Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos stressed that, “our Bank is implementing its sponsorship program “The great moment for Education ”, which is now in its third successful year. Responding to the challenges of the new era it has chosen to encourage our youth to focus on learning and progress by introducing a new institution. At a time when many of the traditional values, which underpinned the development of our societies are being questioned, we must recognize and reward the best, those who work hardest and who invest actively in learning and culture”. He then went on to say, “The great moment for Education” programme is part of EFG Eurobank Group’s broader social contribution, which includes major sponsorship programmes in the fields of Culture, Sport and Education”.

The recipients of the EGF Eurobank awards for the Lesvos region are:

  1. Paraskevi Akmoutsou, Petra Comprehensive School
  2. Anna-Iasmi Valianatou, Mytilini Experimental Comprehensive School
  3. Archontoula Varvaki, Agiasos Comprehensive School
  4. Demosthenes Gizas, Plomari Comprehensive School
  5. Anthiopi Zervou, Polichnitou Comprehensive School
  6. Paraskevi Karmiri, Mantamadou Comprehensive School
  7. Vasilia Kehagia, Mytilini 1st Comprehensive School
  8. Vasiliki Kypriotaki, Senior Classes, Ippeion Junior High School
  9. Heleni Mavrofora, Antissa Comprehensive School
  10. Antonios Mouflouzelis, Kalloni Comprehensive School
  11. Panagiotis Plomaritis, Mytilini Comprehensive School
  12. Panagiotis Tamvakeras, Mytilini3d Comprehensive School
  13. Eleftheria Hadouli, PamfilonComprehensive School
  14. Fotios Hatzimihalakis, Geras Comprehensive School
  15. Georgios Psarros, Myrina Comprehensive School
  16. Vasilios Psomos, Mytilini 5th Comprehensive School