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Great Moment Education - Samos & Ikaria

On Tuesday, 20 September 2005, the best students of the islands of Samos and Ikaria received their awards from EFG Eurobank during a special ceremony at the Vathi Town Hall. This ceremony was the first in a series of 30 events organised by EFG Eurobank in various Greek prefectures, as part of its “The great moment for Education” sponsorship programme.

The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education”, which was launched by EFG Eurobank in 2003, represents a major educational initiative that further enhances the group’s already strong sponsoring activity in the field of Education, in addition to the fields of Culture, Environment and Sports.

The main aim of this programme is to support and reward school students in their “struggle” for knowledge. Wishing to help the young generation achieve its high objectives, EFG Eurobank strengthensthe Group’s role in the country’s social life.  

The sponsorship programme, “The great moment for Education” is supported by the Ministry of Education and it concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece. In the context of the programme, EFG Eurobank rewards each year the pupil who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education. The programme includes all 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.  The award is accompanied by the n amount of  € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at an EFG Eurobank’s branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honoured the event with their presence: Canon Nectarios, who represented the Metropolitan of Samos, Samos MP Thalassinos Thalassinos,  Samos Deputy Regional Governor Thanos Stylianos, the President of the Samos Regional Council Nicolaos Zaharis, Council Member Angelos Rigas, the Mayor of Vathi, Constantinos Karaminas, the Mayor of Pythagorio, Polycratis Constantinidis, the Deputy Mayor of Vathi, Christos Sapounas, the Chairman of the Municipal Council Emmanuel Papageorgiou, Council Members Emmanuel Mavrelos, Constantinos Panousis, Elias Golfis and Ioannis Folas, together with several local government officials. Also present at the ceremony were, the Secondary Education Director for Samos, Evangelos Apostolou, representing the Ministry of Education, the Samos Deputy Public Prosecutor Dimitris Procopiou and many representatives of primary and secondary education, as well as members of the region’s economic and social life.

Canon Nectarios in his short address congratulated EFG Eurobank and the students, emphasising that this initiative recognizes and rewards perseverance, discipline and the students’ “struggle” for excellence.

Samos MP Thalassinos Thalassinos, the second speaker, underlined EFG Eurobank’s commitment and special contribution to a better future.

The Mayor of Vathi, Constantinos Karaminas, pointed out that through its initiative EFG Eurobank supports young people’s efforts and represents a shining example of social contribution.

Deputy Regional Governor Stylianos Thanos stated that the programme “The great moment for Education” represents a valuable moral reward that recognises the students’ hard efforts.

The Secondary Education Director for Samos, Evangelos Apostolou, commended EFG Eurobank for its support to education as reflected in the students’ awards, adding that this program encourages young people by investing in social responsibility issues.

Finally, in his short speech, EFG Eurobank’s Regional Manager Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos stressed that, “through its sponsorship program “The great moment for Education ”, which is now in its third successful year, the Bank’s primary aim is to reward the best students and recognise the efforts of young people fighting for their visions with education as their weapon”.

The recipients of the EFG Eurobank awards in Samos and Ikaria are:

  1. Theoharis Vouros, Pythagorio Comprehensive School, Samos
  2. Maria Kouti, Aghios Kyrikos Comprehensive School, Ikaria
  3. Evanthia Antaraki, Evdilos Comprehensive School, Ikaria
  4. Agesilaos Hatzakis, Karlovasi Comprehensive School
  5. Athina Siapera, Marathokambps Comprehensive School.