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G. Provopoulos

Eurobank Group has the pleasure to announce the appointment of Professor George Provopoulos as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of its Bulgarian subsidiary bank, Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank).

Mr. Provopoulos’ appointment will be effective on October 15th 2015, following approval from the Bulgarian Regulatory Authorities.  

Mr. Nikos Karamouzis, Chairman of the BoD of Eurobank Group, welcomed Mr. Provopoulos’ appointment and made the following statement: “Mr. George Provopoulos’ long presence, extensive experience and his deep knowledge in international regulatory affairs of the financial system, offer an added value and important support to our Group’s international presence. His experience from the successful management of the Greek banking system during one of the most critical periods is valuable. At the same time, his role and contribution to safeguarding the stability of the Greek banks and protecting the Greek depositors was crucial. We welcome Mr. Provopoulos in our Group and we wish him success in his new duties”.

“Our Group has the honor and pleasure to announce the commencement of the collaboration with Mr. George Provopoulos. He is a person of high praise for his long and successful experience in dealing with affairs related to the Greek economy and financial market. He enjoys wide acceptance and respect in Greece and in Europe, both from the Academic community and the banking sector, as well as from the foreign institutions with which he has worked closely under his institutional roles. I am confident that, from his new role, he will contribute decisively in the development of our Group’s activities in Bulgaria, and he will deal with the wider challenges in the European banking environment”, said Mr. Fokion Karavias, Chief Executive Officer of Eurobank.

Mr. Fokion Karavias and Mr. Stavros Ioannou, Deputy CEO and Head of International Activities at Eurobank, had already an informative meeting with Mr. Dimitar Radev, the new Governor of the Bulgarian Central Bank.

During that meeting Mr. Karavias and Mr. Ioannou had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Radev developments in the Bulgarian Banking system, including the implementation of the recent memorandum of understanding for the acquisition of the network of Alpha Bank Bulgaria by Post Bank Bulgaria.