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Exportgate Event

The new innovative ExportGate.grweb portal was recently unveiled during a special event held at the Athens Concert Hall. The portal radically upgrades the electronic networking potential of Greek exporters, by giving them the opportunity either to access new markets or expand their trading contact lists in existing ones. is yet another initiative aimed at promoting Greek exports, in the context of the Go International programme,  which  has been designed and implemented by Eurobank, in association with the three main export organizations of Greece, namely the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE), the Greek International Business Association (SEVE) and the Exporters’ Association of Crete (EAC), as well as SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, while it is supported by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event commenced with a greeting by the Managing Director of the National Bank of Greece Group, Mr Alexandros Tourkolias. The keynote speaker was the Greek Minister for Development Competitiveness Infrastructure Transport & Networks, Mr Kostis Chatzidakis, who stated, “We are particularly optimistic about the success of the platform. Antonis Samaras’ government is determined to swiftly implement all the structural changes necessary to make the Greek economy more competitive, more extrovert, and friendlier to investment and entrepreneurship. It is the only way to deal with the recession and skyrocketing unemployment that is currently putting the Greek society to the test. It is the only way to create more wealth and new jobs. Thus, initiatives such as Exportgate, which supports this effort, are valuable. And that is why we in turn will support it.

The Managing Director of the Eurobank Group, Mr Nikolaos Nanopoulos, noted, “It is obvious that further strengthening exports should become a key priority and a pillar of a national development plan, in order to reap the benefits of the tendency to expand global demand. It is the only way for us to develop our comparative advantages and breathe new life into our production efforts, supporting growth and combating the plague of unemployment. The role of the banking system is pivotal. In particular, the role of Eurobank – and now that of the National Bank of Greece as well ­– in boosting the extroversion of the Greek economy is a given.

SEV Chairman, Mr Dimitris Daskalopoulos, noted, “The European persistence in unilateral austerity has moved on to the next stage of unilateral arbitrary change of the rules, not driven by what is good for the people, but by obsession. The pre-announced war has already broken out and the euro as we know it has been its first victim. Now more than ever Greece needs to acknowledge that European solidarity is limited and comes with a huge social cost. Greece needs to realize that, ultimately, it has to implement its own plan to develop and update its economy – and not rely on any troika. And now more than ever Greece needs to understand that time has run out.

The electronic directory of already includes more than 650 Greek exporters and more than 30,000 international partners, basically trading companies with import activity in almost every market in the world. Both exporters and potential buyers can access over 20,000 reports covering 180 countries.

Apart from the opportunity Greek companies will have to promote themselves all over the world, an ambitious programme to promote Greek products in foreign markets will be developed, in cooperation with Google, including running an electronic campaign in 6 major markets, using smart ads, promoting in international business forums, such as the IBM international conference in the USA, and participating in road shows in targeted countries, working closely with business organizations and bilateral chambers.

The objectives, functions and capabilities of this innovative web portal, as well as the opportunities it presents to Greek exporters, were discussed in a panel meeting comprising PSE Chairman Ms Christina Sakellaridi, SEVE Chairman Mr Dimitris Lakasas and EAC Chairman Mr Alkiviadis Kalabokis, and coordinated by the Head of Eurobank’s Corporate Transactions Banking Department, Mr Andreas Chasapis. is the digital extension of Go International. It will be presented to a large number of Russian entrepreneurs in the next Go International business delegation in Moscow, which has been scheduled for 27 and 28 May.