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Heating oil in 6 interest free installments by EKO via all Eurobank credit cards.

The financial difficulties faced by more and more consumers every day necessitate the search for new solutions and propositions aiming at covering the ever increasing household needs.

In this spirit Eurobank is making a specially designed offer to support its customers, who will have to pay much more for heating oil this year, namely the capability to pay in 6 interest‑free installments.

Through this offer all Eurobank credit card holders, who buy heating oil at selected EKO gas stations until April 30th, 2013, may charge their credit card and pay in 6 interest‑free installments.

On top of the 6 interest‑free installments Eurobank credit card holders get – through reward programme Epistrofi – a reward in euros equal to 3% of the value of their purchases at selected EKO gas stations.

The detailed list of the selected EKO gas stations, which participate in the interest‑free installment programme and in Epistrofi reward programme can be found on

Through this special offer Eurobank aims at supporting its customers materially, by addressing this time their heating oil needs. In addition, it adds a significant advantage to card reward programme Epistrofi, which is enriched via new partnerships every time aiming at helping the Bank’s customers to cover as many personal and family needs as possible.