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Comprehensive solutions for payments to the Tax authorities by Eurobank

Eurobank EFG comprehends the prevailing conditions in the economy and the need for liquidity in every Greek household that has been generated by the recent tax measures and provides its customers with the capacity to meet their increased obligations through comprehensive finance programmes.

These obligations include:

  • Taxation Clearance Contributions & Trade Tax;
  • Special Property Tax (via the Electricity Account);
  • Special Penalty to Conserve Regulated Areas (semi outdoor areas); and
  • Settlement of Unlicensed Constructions

In order to cover these obligations Eurobank provides its customers with the potential to choose between:

Payment via Eurobank credit cards

Eurobank credit cards provide the option of paying the special taxes in up to 3 interest free instalments. The transaction can take place at Bank Branches, by phone through Europhone Banking or online via

Finance for “Special Taxes” with preferential terms

Α) Unsecured

The “Special Taxes” finance is intended for the Bank’s customers at a preferential variable interest rate and a repayment term of up to 60 months.

Β) Secured

The capacity for finance secured by a property is provided with the longest repayment term and the lowest instalment.

These facilities and the suggested solutions are included in the Bank’s policy that aims to support its customers to meet their obligations and effectively tackle the difficulties caused by the current unfavourable situation. In this way the Bank’s customers can derive the following benefits:

  • They immediately acquire the required liquidity;
  • They receive a discount for the one-off payment from the Tax Office or the institution collecting contributions; and
  • They significantly extend the repayment of their obligations in multiple instalments of a smaller amount.