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Program €pistrofi flavors

Eurobank credit card reward program €pistrofi expands now into the restaurant area with a new application «€pistrofi flavors».

With «€pistrofi flavors» Eurobank credit card holders are rewarded in practice for their culinary choices in a large number of selected restaurants throughout Greece.

More specifically, every time a Eurobank credit card holder chooses to enjoy a meal in any of the affiliated restaurants and pays with his or her card, he or she gets automatically a number of euro, which he or she may redeem either during a subsequent meal – paying less or even not at all – or, of course, at any of the 3.500 affiliated companies, which participate in this program.

The selection of the restaurants, which participate in the program «€pistrofi flavors» is made using the strictest criteria, while the number of affiliated restaurants increases continuously, ensuring an ever greater benefit for Eurobank credit card holders.

The expansion of the program €pistrofi into the restaurant area adds value to the program itself, increases the potential of Eurobank credit cards and strengthens the advantage of rational credit card usage compared to cash.

The list of affiliated restaurants and all the news of the program «€pistrofi» appear in detail on .