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New Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing) Services offered by Business Exchanges SA

BE-Business Exchanges SA, is subsidiary company of the Eurobank EFG Group of companies, and as of June, 2011 has launched the commercial distribution of the new electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) service, in cooperation with Information Systems Impact SA, a company which has been providing and actively participating in the field of e-Business and e-invoicing solutions since 1998. With the addition of this service, Business Exchanges completes the electronic support of supply chain for companies (electronic auctions, eelectronic procurement, archiving and distribution of e-invoices and electronic payments)

The e-Invoicing service provides each business with the ability to eliminate the storage and distribution of invoices between the issuer and the recipient of an invoice in paper form, in accordance with the legislation (POL 1049/21-3-2006) already in effect.

Through the e-Invoicing service the issuer has the ability of automatic electronic archiving and sending outgoing invoices (to customers), while the recipient has the ability of electronic receipt and archiving of incoming invoices (from suppliers).

The most important benefits for businesses of using electronic invoicing are:

  • Cost Saving due to the significant reduction and/or elimination of printing invoices (paper, toner etc)
  • Space Saving of physicalstorage for invoices (maintenance of copies in electronic from)
  • Time saving due to the automation and optimization of the processes for archiving and invoicing
  • Improved utilization of human resources (efficiency and flexibility in the management of invoices)
  • Direct, fast, efficient and organized way of searching and retrieving archived invoices or receipts
  • Guaranteed and secure sending of electronic invoices to customer base of the issuer company and advanced notification upon receipt by the customer.

More specifically, the services, that are enriched continuously and adapted to the needs of clients, include:

  • Electronic Archiving Service (Archiving@BE) of invoices(and search criteria for receipts/vouchers) which can be done locally at the office of the company (issuer) or at the central Service
  • Electronic Sending of Invoices (Paperless@connect) which allows the elimination of the traditional method of dispatching (via Post, courier, etc) for both the issuer and the recipient

Business Exchanges SA is a company that specializes in electronic commerce and is actively participating within the wider framework of electronic banking services (e-Business) Eurobank EFG. Business Exchanges was founded in 2001 and its mission is to promote new forms of electronic transactions between businesses (B2B).

More detailed descriptions of the services can be found in the web site