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Tax and Utility Payments Using Eurobank Credit Cards via a Phone Call

Seeking to upgrade the service level it offers its customers in Greece Eurobank EFG offers them the capability to pay for their tax and utility bills, in ways as simple as a phone call, using Eurobank credit cards. The customer incurs a charge in 3 interest‑free installments in the case of tax bill payments and a one‑off charge in the case of utility bills.

Taking advantage of this capability Eurobank credit card holders save precious time, because they can pay for their tax bills fast, easily and in 3 interest‑free installments, at the bank branches or by simply calling Europhone Banking (210‑95.55.000).

More specifically, the capability to pay in 3 interest‑free installments is available for:

  • Dues pertaining to semi‑outdoor spaces (Ημιυπαίθριοι χώροι)
  • Revenue Tax for individuals
  • ΕΤΑΚ (Unified Real Estate Fee)
  • Extraordinary dues for individuals (Έκτακτη Οικονομική Εισφορά Φυσικών Προσώπων)
  • “Περαίωση” dues

In addition, Eurobank offers its customers the capability to make a one‑off payment using their Eurobank credit card, at the bank branches or by simply calling Europhone Banking for:

  • Electricity bills (ΔΕΗ)
  • Telephone bills (ΟΤΕ)
  • Water bills (ΕΥΔΑΠ)

The capability to pay for tax and utility bills using Eurobank credit cards enhances their potential and proves the bank’s will and constant effort to continuously improve the services it offers its customers.