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Green Housing Loan: The modern way to save energy and money.

True to its strong ecological orientation, the Eurobank EFG group continues to expand its “green” products range, aimed at contributing to a significant improvement in the living quality of households and in environmental protection in Greece.
Specifically, the Group has created the Green Housing - Energy Saving Loan to finance home repair or renovation works, aimed at upgrading energy efficiency and enhancing energy conservation.
According to the scientific literature, the building sector accounts for up to 40% of energy consumption in developed countries, and thus is a significant contributor  to global warming and climate change. It has also been shown that saving energy is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promptly mitigate this major environmental challenge.
Eurobank’s Green Housing - Energy Saving Loan offers real solutions, giving home owners the opportunity to improve energy efficiency of their house and reap real economic benefits, to ensure a better quality of life, while also contributing to the protection of the environment.
The Green Housing - Energy Saving Loan offers the following features:
  • preferential floating interest rate in Euro
  • 100% coverage of the cost of repairs
  • may be issued with or without property underwriting
  • technical support throughout the duration of works

The loan covers the following renovations /repairs:

  1. Change of frames (including shutters, blinds, etc.) and fitting of double-glazed windows
  2. Thermal insulation of walls, roof insulation, and/or shell placement
  3. Installation of oil or gas burners / boilers, or systems utilizing renewable energy sources, either as a new house feature or as a replacement of old burners/boilers.
  4. Other energy conservation works (heating compensation system, pipe insulation, awnings, solar panels, etc.).
The Green Housing - Energy Saving Loan broadens the Group's range of “green products” that already includes the Green Housing - Photovoltaic Loan which, through the simplest procedures, finances the purchase and installation of PV systems on rooftops, thus promoting ‘clean’ energy and enabling clients to ensure a tax-free annual income.