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New Program Life and Health for Women

Recognizing the special needs of modern women and honouring the International Women’s Day, Eurobank EFG and EFG Eurolife Insurance, in collaboration with the Athens Medical Group and VIOIATRIKI, created “Life and Health for Women”, a new program that combines insurance and medical services.
This is a complete program that includes medical and hospital care and covers the needs of modern women, offering particular privileges. “Life and Health for Women” is aimed at all Eurobank’s female clients in Greece with a “Megalo Tamieftirio” account or other deposit account with the Bank, regardless of amount.
At an annual fee of just 120 Euros, Eurobank’s female clients have ready access to health services, either completely free or with substantial discounts, such as:

  • Free mammogram and smear test once a year.
  • Free unlimited visits to doctors (gynaecologists, pathologists, cardiologists, surgeons, orthopaedists)
  • Free screening, to a value of 200 Euros per year, with discounts of up to 40% for further tests.
  • Substantial discounts in case of hospitalization
  • Substantial discounts of up to 40% for dental care and eye exams

Each beneficiary of the program can choose between the Athens Medical Group and BIOMEDICAL, depending on preference. The General Manager of Eurobank EFG, Mr. Michael Vlastarakis stressed that "in an extremely difficult environment like the present, Eurobank strives to support its customers in different ways, through initiatives that offer customized solutions for their ever-changing needs. Recognizing the importance of the multiple and complex roles contemporary women are called to play in modern society while still supporting their family, we aim to offer them substantial support. On the occasion of Women's Day, in parallel with regular savings, the Group offers the "Life and Health for Women” to female account holders of "Megalo Tamieftirio” account. A program perfectly tailored to the needs of modern women, at a very low cost, suited to their financial budget, in order to effectively protect the most precious commodity of life, health. It is worth noting that the "Big Savings” account, which was designed in order to revive the ever-timely value of savings, is constantly evolving through a customer-oriented approach that seeks to add further value to relationships with our customers. Such efforts, which seek to address broader needs and find solutions to the problems of everyday life for the entire family, include the “Life and Health” network of specialized programs." The CEO of EFG Eurolife Insurance, Mr. Alexander Sarrigeorgiou, noted that "our objective at EFG Eurolife Insurance is to design programs that meet the needs of our customers on an individual basis. That is why today, a day dedicated to Women, we are presenting an innovative program that meets the particular needs of any modern woman. Recognizing how demanding the lives of modern women can be in their roles as mothers and workers, we offer a program to support them in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems. "Life & Health for Women”, created in collaboration with the Athens Medical Center and Biomedical, gives every woman the opportunity to access high quality medical services and offers a series of exclusively free gynaecological examinations and a system of primary and secondary healthcare with significant discounts and special prices." 
The Primary Care Director of the Athens Medical Center Group, Mr. Anthonis Geronikolaou stressed that "today, March 8, we celebrate the day of Women, of women who fight for their hopes and dreams, of women as mothers, wives, workers. Women's Day reminds us that we still have a long road ahead of us for her rights to be respected, for the essential equality of opportunity between the two sexes to be achieved and for any still existing prejudices to be removed. To assist her in her daily effort, at the Athens Medical Group, in cooperation with Eurobank EFG and EFG Eurolife Insurance, we created a medical services program especially for women and will undertake to provide specific medical services that will help meet her needs for health and mental strength. We act responsibly, we are perfectly familiar with the nature of our function, and we contribute significantly to public health and improving the quality of healthcare provided.”

Finally, Mr. Athanasios Lopatatzidis, Management Consultant of the VIOIATRIKI Health Companies Group said “Recognizing the important contribution of women in the development and progress of Greek society, the VIOIATRIKI GROUP focused its efforts on meeting her specific needs. The Group’s specialised scientists in collaboration with Eurobank EFG and EFG Eurolife Insurance, have designed and implemented this innovative program that aims to meet the needs of women in both prevention and treatment. Thus, the women who will participate in this program can feel confident and safe, in the knowledge that they have entrusted their health in integrated medical services of high quality and prestige”.