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Eurobank Trader

In 2009 a particularly difficult year Eurobank EFG Securities maintained its dynamic course and conquered the 1st position in the Greek market (15%) in terms of market share.
With a clientele of 40,000 active private clients and 170,000 stock exchange codes, Eurobank EFG Securities is the leading securities company in the area of financial services. Eurobank EFG Securities maintains the largest securities network in Greece and has presence in four countries of Southeast Europe Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.
Eurobank EFG Securities already provides to its customers the ability of executing transactions on stocks and derivatives in 30 foreign exchanges. Following its strategy of continuous improvement and delivery of innovative, superior services and products, the company upgraded the electronic platform for online transactions Eurobank Trader (, offering increased potentials to its customers, as far as stock trading is concerned, both in Greek and foreign exchanges.
Eurobank Trader 2.0 is an internet platform of latest technology that enables the user to execute orders electronically, through the web from any location. Using the platform he is transferred to the most significant financial markets of the world and at the same time he is offered real time updates for his portfolio and transactions.
“We are offering an innovative service, which signals a new era in exchange transactions and encompasses information, access and execution of transactions for the 99 % of International Capitalization” stated Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Eurobank EFG Group Mr. Nikolaos Karamouzis .With significant investments on people, infrastructure and new products, Eurobank EFG Group exploits technological applications aiming at the highest satisfaction of needs and demands of our clients in Greece and wherever we maintain our presence.
Mr. Costas Mitropoulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurobank EFG Securities, mentioned that “Eurobank Trader 2.0 provides to customers information, access and tools with a particularly friendly and advanced way.” Thereby, it offers to our clientele the ability to get informed and execute transactions in real time and at the same time to manage their portfolio themselves.
During the presentation of the new platform Mr. Thanos Stefos, Head of Equity Sales of Eurobank EFG Securities, noted that through Eurobank trader 2.0 investors are able to:
  • Watch through “Trader’s eye”, real time prices for Greek and International stocks, comparative graphs, technical analysis, price alerts etc.
  • Execute orders electronically, real time, for Greek markets as well as the most popular foreign markets
  • Get updated for their dynamic portfolios, while having access to the historical data of their transactions (trade confirmations, orders, money transfers etc.)
  • Take advantage-for their own convenience-of the “suggested” screens that enable users to watch the most important markets and industries (ETF’s, BRIC’s, Germany, U.S.A and industries like metals, energy etc)
  • Create their personal screens through Trader’s Eye application, customized screens with their own investing choices and preferences (stocks, indexes, dynamic graphs, technical analysis)
At this point, we would like to add that the company provided since 2002 this service, for executing transactions exclusively in the Greek stock market via Internet, with more than 1.500 active clients.
Despite the negative financial conditions of the 2 previous years, due to the international crisis, Eurobank EFG Group maintains its strategy, of dynamic development, enrichment of domestic and foreign clientele and strong regional presence, intact.
Following this strategy and starting with Romania as pilot country, Eurobank EFG Securities will expand during 2010, the usage of Eurobank Trader’s platform in the countries of Southeast Europe through its affiliate companies.