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Eurobank EFG Securities-New Executives

In parallel with its continuous upgrading and the development of innovative services, and considering that the turmoil markets have suffered lately could also create significant opportunities to attract experienced and valuable staff, Eurobank EFG Securities strengthens its human resources with five new qualified executives with long experience in the stock market sector.
Specifically, the five new executives are:
Ms. Anastasia Lykotrafiti, from Ethniki P&K
Mr. Georgios Niarchos, from Ethniki P&K Mr. Stamatios Draziotis, from UBS Mr. Nektarios Papagiannakopoulos, from OTE
Mr. Dimitrios Flamouris, from the RBS
Their inclusion in the HR of Eurobank EFG Securities will enable the company to further enhance its services to private customers, both in the Greek market, where it holds a leading position, as well as in international markets and the company’s Analysis Department.
Eurobank EFG Securities is the largest securities company in customer service, with more than 40,000 active private customers and 170,000 stock market codes. The company offers its customers access to trading in shares and derivatives in real time, in 30 international stock markets and also operates in the markets of Southeast Europe. With a view to the continuous improvement of the services offered to its customers, Eurobank EFG Securities has already started the pilot implementation of the upgraded electronic platform ‘Eurobanktrader’ which allows direct online execution of brokerage transactions, not only in the Greek stock exchange where it is already used, but also in foreign exchanges, in real time, 24/7. More than 3,000 active customers of the company already use the electronic platform to trade in the Greek Stock Exchange.
Currently the leader of the domestic market and featuring the largest stock exchange network in Greece, Eurobank EFG Securities has set a key priority in providing high quality services to its customers, comparable to those of the largest brokerage firms in the world.