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Announcement for the listing of free new shares issued by share capital increase and free distribution to employees

EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A (“Bank”), informs the public that the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM) of 19.6.2009 decided, inter alia, the share capital increase of €2,123,907.50, by capitalizing an equal amount of the Bank’s prior years’ taxed profits through the issue at par of 772,330 new shares of nominal value €2.75 each, to be distributed to junior-level employees, not exceeding 250 shares per employee. The new shares will be entitled to participate in the profits of the financial year 2009.
As a result of the above mentioned increase, the Bank’s share capital will amount to €2,431,261,126.25 divided into 884,094,955 shares, of nominal value €2.75 each, comprising 538,594,955 ordinary voting shares and 345,500,000 non-voting preference shares. On 5/8/2009, the decision of the Deputy Minister of Development referenced K2-5601, approving the amendment of the relevant article of the Articles of the Association of the Bank, was recorded in the Register of Societes Anonymes. The ATH.EX. approved on 6/8/2009 the listing of the above mentioned new free shares. Following the above, the 772,330 new ordinary registered shares, arising from the share capital increase, will commence trading on ATH.EX. on 19/8/2009. As of the same date, these shares will be credited in the accounts of the beneficiary shareholders in the Electronic (Dematerialized) Securities System (D.S.S.). and the opening price of the Bank’s shares on ATH.EX. will be determined according to the Regulation and decision 26 of the Board of Directors of ATH.EX..

For further information, Shareholders may obtain the relevant Information Document (l.3401/2005) which is available at the Bank’s offices, 6 Siniosoglou Str. 14234 Nea Ionia, and in electronic form on the Bank’s and ATH.EX. websites or respectively or contact Mrs Efrosini Koulocheri (tel.2103522361) during working hours.

Athens, 7 August 2009
EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.