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Eurobank EFG Events for SB's

The series of Information Days held by Eurobank EFG throughout Greece, on the new support program for Small Businesses within the National Strategic Reference Framework “NSRF 2007-2013” of the Ministry of Economy and Finance ended with a major event in Athens. The new program, which involves Manufacturing, Tourism, Trade and Services aims to increase the competitiveness of Small Businesses.
The event, organized to inform the Bank’s customers operating in central Athens, is part of a series of Information Days by Eurobank EFG in Greece, on the support possibilities offered to small businesses and professionals, and the supportive role of the Bank.
Referring to this initiative for the accurate and comprehensive briefing of customers who want to exploit the opportunities created by the NSRFs programs 2007 -2013, Eurobank EFG’s General Manager of Small Business Banking, Mr. Evangelos Kavvalos, said: “Eurobank EFG is firmly focused on supporting the operation and growth of small businesses and professionals. To this end, the Bank has created a series of innovative products and services developed specifically to meet their multidimensional needs. Especially in today’s economic climate, this focus is even more important for us and contributes decisively to the smooth functioning of this very important part of the Greek economy”.
For the Information Days, which took place from early June until today, Eurobank EFG collaborated with leading local authorities nationwide (Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry throughout the country).
The central event in Athens, which welcomed more than 400 of the city’s professionals and businessmen, invited by Eurobank’s branches in central Athens, was introduced by Eurobank’s Branch Network Regional Director, Mr Nicholas Lanaras. The main speaker was Mr. Panagiotis Theodorou, Director of the Department of Small Business Banking Development, who presented the products, services and operations of the Bank designed to address the complex and diverse needs of Small Businesses.
During the seminar, the terms and conditions of the new support program in the framework of the NSRF 2007-2013 were presented in detail, emphasizing the full advisory support offered by Eurobank EFG to customers who wish to join the program. In particular, the Bank offers potential investors the free drafting and submission of the proposal for inclusion in the program, while also arranging the advance payment of the approved grant and the financing of the investment according to the terms of the program.