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Life and Health

Eurobank EFG and EFG Eurolife Insurance, which is one of the leading insurance groups in the Greek market, in cooperation with the Athens Medical Group and BIOMED Group of Health Companies, two of the biggest medical – diagnostic centers in the country, are initiating the application of pioneer scheme “Life and Health”.
This is an integrated and complete scheme of primary health care and hospital insurance services. The scheme addresses all Eurobank EFG customers holding a deposits account with the bank, regardless of the amount, who are now offered health care and diagnostic services either free of charge or with an up to 40% discount.

At an annual cost of merely €100, “Life and Health” subscribers are offered the following health services:
  • Unlimited visits to doctors (pathologists, cardiologists, surgeons, orthopedists, pediatricians) free of charge;
  • Free diagnostic services, up to €200 annually, with up to 40% discount for further examinations;
  • Free check up;
  • Significant (up to 20%) hospitalization discount;  
  • Significant discount (up to 40%) in dental examinations, and ophthalmologic examinations at preferential prices.
Subscribers can select between the Athens Medical Group and BIOMED, according to their preference. It is noted that both organizations provide their services nationwide, either directly or indirectly; hence, “Life and Health” scheme covers a broad range of Eurobank EFG customers irrespective of their age or place of residence. Moreover, both providers offer subscribers a 24-hour telephone service both on working  days and on national holidays.
Mr. Michalis Vlastarakis, General Manager of Eurobank EFG stressed that “within the scope of our customer-oriented philosophy, Eurobank EFG supports its customers through high-quality products and services, proving its social responsibility in practice, especially at difficult financial times such as this”. Through “Life and Health” scheme we are able to support our customers in a fundamental and sensitive field such as Health”.
Mr. Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou, Managing Director of EFG Eurolife Group of Insurance Companies, noted that “Life and Health scheme addresses the Greek families on three levels: first, by prevention, which is fundamental for good health, by offering free diagnostic and check-up services; second, by regular medical visits free of charge and third, by offering high-quality hospitalization services on significant discount".
Mr. Antonis Geronikolaou, General Manager of Primary Health Care in the Athens Medical Group, underlined that “At Athens Medical Group we provide high quality healthcare services with responsibility, as we are well aware of the nature of our work and we are able to contribute significantly to the healthcare of the citizens and improve the quality of the medical services offered. We understand deeply the needs of our patients and we respond to their requirements with credibility, but most of all with respect to human dignity. Our practice is based on the values of reliable diagnosis and effective treatment within the scope of proper medical care”.
Lastly, Dr. Athanassios Lopatatzides, Senior Adviser at BIOMED Group of Health Companies, stated the following: “I believe that these initiatives arouse the interest of citizens in the importance of preventive medicine, as a means to maintain a high level of health. Through “Life and Health” scheme the BIOMED group offers το citizens wide access to high-quality Primary Health Care services".