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Three Categories, Three Mutual Funds, Three Awards

The following Eurobank EFG Mutual funds ranked first in Domestic Equity, Foreign Equity and Equity Funds of Funds categories. Furthermore, Eurobank EFG (LF) EQUITY - FLEXI STYLE GREECE achieved an additional distinction, holding the first position from all 322 mutual funds available in the Greek market with a performance of +7.35%, according to the Association of Greek Institutional Investors, in the first quarter of 2009.

EUROBANK EFG (LF) EQUITY -FLEXI STYLE GREECE was established in September 2008 and combines quality choices, regarding the shares of Greek companies selected, with the frequent and robust trading of the securities that constitute its portfolio, to achieve capital gains.

EUROBANK EFG I (LF) FUND OF FUNDS - BRIC ranked first in the category of Equity Funds with a performance of +6.94%. This is a mutual fund that seeks to take advantage of economic developments and prospects in the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China by choosing quality investment mediums under the management of internationally recognized investment houses specialising in the field.

EUROBANK EFG (LF) I SPECIAL PURPOSE – DUAL FORMULA ranked first in the category of Foreign Equity Mutual Funds, with a performance of +5.14%. This product is part of Eurobank EFG funds family, managed by a predetermined management mechanism, which combines total or partial capital protection, with the prospect of return.

As Mr Aris Xenophos, CEO of EFG Mutual Funds Management Company stressed, “these awards are even more important, because the funds have succeeded in delivering positive returns to our shareholders when, in the same quarter, the main stock exchange indices were in the red. For example, General ASE Index -5,72%, Eurostoxx 50 -15,38%, Dow Jones -9,3%, MSCI World Index -7,2%”.