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Eurobank EFG named«Bank of the Year» for its Foreign Exchange Services in Greece

Eurobank EFG was voted as the Best Bank of the Year for 2009 in the sector for services and products that are associated with Foreign Exchange activities in Greece (Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Greece 2009) by the internationally renowned Global Finance journal.
This selection was made from amongst the banks that are active in the sector in 71 countries worldwide, on the basis of specific criteria. More specifically, there was an evaluation of the volume of the transactions, the market share and the range of international coverage, the quality of the services that are provided to the customers, the competitive pricing and the innovative technology that is used by the banks.
Mr. Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher of the Global Finance journal in a statement said: «The international foreign exchange market has continued to develop even during the financial crisis. The international volume for foreign exchanges on the foreign exchange market exceeds $3 billion. We have identified the Banks upon which the large Business Groups can depend in relation to their foreign exchange requirements. »
Eurobank has paid specific attention through the dedicated Management of Global Markets to the development of the foreign exchange (FX) activities and the servicing of its business clients, a fact that is once again also confirmed through the specific award. 
It is noted that Eurobank is the first bank in Greece that has produced an integrated series of innovative services and products for the management of foreign exchange risks for its corporate clients under the name of Eurobank FUTURE – Management of Foreign Exchange Risks. These solutions are directed at enterprises with loan commitments as well as cash flow from abroad in foreign exchange as well as the import – export enterprises. The specific solutions can be implemented at any point in time during the funding / foreign exchange, in relation to the protection of a part or the whole of the capital and are even provided for the funding or other transactions of the enterprises with third party banks.
In relation to the effective servicing of business Eurobank was the first to implement the «Business Centres» model in Greece with the establishment of dedicated business services centres (with an annual turnover in excess of € 2.5 mil.). The Bank currently has the largest dedicated of Business Centres with 41 units and a presence in the largest urban centres in the country, two service centres in Athens and Thessalonica for large businesses – Large Corporate (with an annual turnover in excess of € 25 mil.) and a Maritime Funding Unit.

Correspondingly, there are Large Corporate and Business Centre Units that are currently operations in South East Europe with skilled staff in Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.
The aim of the Bank continues at the present juncture to be the continual support for the development of Greek businesses in and out of Greece by offering specialized solutions that improve their cash flow, operating methods and competitiveness.