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Eurobank EFG and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Hellas, have adopted and implement the innovative project “Learn, Participate, Protect – Mt. Parnitha National Forest”

Eurobank EFG and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Hellas in the framework of their cooperation in the environmental field have adopted and implement the innovative project “Learn, Participate, Protect – Mt. Parnitha National Forest”, with a view to, among others, underlining the need for immediate protection and proper management of the Parnitha ecosystem.

In a Press Conference held today (May 31, 2007) actions already implemented along with the strategy to further improve and enhance the project were presented.

In his address, Mr. Nicholas Pavlidis, Eurobank EFG General Manager Operations, Technology and Organization touched on the wider Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System that Eurobank EFG embraced and applies thus making good on its commitment to limit the environmental impact of its operations and activities.


To date the bank’s action programmes include activities and initiatives in five fields:

·        Information dissemination and raising staff awareness

·        Recycling and waste management

·        Saving natural resources

·        “Green” product development and soft energy financing

·        Environmental impact assessment of new loans

On a final note, N. Pavlidis stressed that what’s indicative of Eurobank EFG paper recycling efforts is that only last year, i. e. in 2006, 5,967 trees, 11,583 m³ of water and 1,579,500 Kwh were saved while 351 tons of CO² were not released into the atmosphere.

While presenting the course of the project’s implementation WWF Hellas Director Mr. Dimitris Karavellas highlighted, among others, that “our dream is to contribute to the establishment of a model protected area close to Athens that should constitute a tool of sensitization and participation for citizens in terms of its preservation at the same time. Moreover, this project offers a special perspective and reinforces an already successful cooperation scheme between WWF Hellas and Eurobank EFG”.

Learn, Participate, Protect – Mt. Parnitha National Forest” axes include, amongst others:

Scientific research – a study on Cervus elaphus, the red deer

Infrastructure projects that regard:

Designing and rebuilding the Skipiza fire station

Mt. Parnitha National Forest sign posting study

Survey and potential solutions to turn Bafi climbers’ lodge into an environment-friendly building

Environmental education and training that includes:

An environmental education kit with Mt. Parnitha slides, texts and activity worksheets for interested schools and teachers from all over Greece to borrow.

School field trips to Parnitha.

Project presentation to Schools.

Teachers / professors’ training seminar.

Since 2005, 45 schools have borrowed the environmental training kit, 1,200 students have visited Parnitha while the project has been presented to 760 students.

General public participation through family, adult and volunteer (fire-protection) programs.

Since 2005, 500 people have attended the program, 50 volunteers took part in the red deer study while 19 volunteers have manned the Skipiza forest fire station in conjunction with EDASA (Attica Fire Protection Volunteer Corps).

In addition to the aforementioned, as of 2005, the following were planned and implemented:

·        The good visitor’s guide” offering useful information about Parnitha together with a national Forest map

·        Observation leaflet” for families and student groups that attend the program in Parnitha

·        It is scheduled for the academic year 2007-2008 to enrich the environmental education kit with 6 educational posters on Parnitha which will be handed to classes that get acquainted with the project.

The contribution and cooperation of the Parnitha Forest Authority, Mt. Parnitha Management Authority, the Ministry for Education, Road Editions along with EOS Athens Hiking Club, EOS Hellenic Alpine Club of Acharnes, EPOS Fylis mountaineering club, FOP Pireas Friends of the Mountain and EDASA Attica Fire Protection Volunteers were essential in carrying out the above-mentioned actions.

It should also be mentioned that Eurobank EFG is the first Greek bank and one of just a handful in Europe to receive ISO 14001 certification on environmental management issues for the total of its services and products in the Attica and Thessaloniki prefectures which it is currently preparing for the transfer of its environmental policies and strategies to Eurobank EFG Group subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland and Ukraine.

Ethical Investment Research Service, a research organization, measures Eurobank EFG Corporate Social Responsibility performance on an annual basis for the sake of FTSE4Good Index Series while Eurobank EFG share has been listed in the FTSE4Good Europe and FTSE4Good World Indices for the past six years.