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New credit card under the label "PAO BC Eurobank MasterCard".

Panathinaikos Basketball Club (through a “GIATRA S.A.” subsidiary) in cooperation with Eurobank EFG designed and offers the new “PAO BC Eurobank MasterCard”, the European Champions’ credit card, to Panathinaikos Basketball team fans!

The new card is a trademark for all those whose heart is beating for Panathinaikos and provides access to Panathinaikos “green-clover” gifts and privileges.

Actually, all daily transactions carried out with the card earn the holder points to be redeemed in exchange for presents, such as tickets to PAO BC matches, “green” accessories, trips abroad along with the team and much more.

Moreover, cardholders are entitled to a discount on both season tickets and their purchases from PAO BC stores.

PAO BC MasterCard is marketed through Panathinaikos BC stores located in OAKA (the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens) as well as through the Eurobank and Open24 branch network.