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• Total health spending reached 10.2% of GDP in Greece above the average of 9.6% of GDP in EU countries of OECD during 2010
• Over the period 2000-2009 total health expenditure dynamics were growing much faster in Greece than in the EU countries of OECD (by 6.1% vs. 4.8% per year in real terms) • A reversal in the growth of total health spending in Greece occurred during 2010, with a drop of 6.5%, compared to an average annual increase of 6.1% over 2000-2009 • Pharmaceutical expenditure constitutes 24.8% of total health expenditure in Greece, a much larger fraction than in the EU countries belonging at the OECD • Private health expenditure is even more surprising in Greece, as it constituted 38.4% of total health spending while the average of the EU countries of OECD stood at 18.4% in 2010.