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We identify and analyse the specific operational needs of Eurobank. From the combination of the results we receive, we develop our strategies. We then implement them by coordinating the necessary projects.

The role of our employees

In operational analysis our employees analyse and assess our operational needs. They identify opportunities to improve the performance of each unit within Eurobank. They constantly review our procedures, systems and policies.

In project management they design and review proposals regarding project implementation. They coordinate any and all ongoing projects and determine their schedules. They also audit their budget and procedures. They ensure that all specifications and objectives are met and that the Eurobank policies are followed.

Basic skills

Our employees analyse and assess the operational needs of Eurobank. They design our procedures, systems and policies through our electronic and digital infrastructure.

They prioritise our objectives when coordinating projects. They implement them according to predetermined timeframes. For this reason, they keep in constant contact with our external and internal partners. They follow the progress of each project.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in operational analysis and project management at Eurobank.