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In human resource management we support the strategic objectives of the Eurobank Group in the new era. We contribute to its establishment as an employer by choice. We develop modern systems to manage our most valuable asset, our people. We ensure the efficiency, competitiveness and future of Eurobank.

The role of our employees

Our people analyse our human resource needs. They implement suitable and modern procedures and practices. They see to the smooth operation of all the Eurobank units and upgrade the overall experience of our employees.

They select, train and develop our human resources. They plan and implement remuneration and benefit systems and policies in compliance with the trends in the Greek and international markets.

Basic skills

Our employees have specialised human resource management skills. They counsel our employees and handle issues that cover the entire range of labour relations and their everyday life.

These operations require a people-centric approach, innovative thinking, good planning and organisation, and effective communication. Our employees use digital applications to analyse data. They draw conclusions and make decisions from these results.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in human resource management at Eurobank.