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Display your profile on selected social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Network yourself with people in your professional circle and connect with potential employers. Give them the opportunity to discover your work and personality, so that they take notice of you.

Showcase your work

Build your professional profile on LinkedIn. It is the most popular social media site for professionals and employers. The majority of employers go through profiles on LinkedIn before they evaluate a candidate. With a hyperlink to your CV, you can easily direct a potential employer there.

Analyse the information you have mentioned in your CV on your profile. Employers will cross-check this information. Accurately describe the stages of your education and professional progress. Discuss your work experience and the awards you have won.

Ask for references from your previous employers to include them in your profile. You may also recommend professionals for their skills and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

Describe which organisations you belong to, work with or have some type of relationship with. Mention any volunteer work you have participated in.

Connect with potential employers

Search for the employers you are interested in working for. Get as much information about them from their posts and searches. Connect and maintain contact with them.

Discover the values and philosophy of the companies you would like to work for. Search for currently available jobs that best suit you. Express your interest through LinkedIn.

If you would like to start a career with us, you can find more articles and news about Eurobank on LinkedIn.

Create your circle

Become a member of groups on LinkedIn and take part in discussions that interest you professionally. Share useful articles and quality information that others have posted.

Create your own posts regarding issues that draw the interest of professionals such as yourself. Show that you are knowledgeable and have opinions about the developments in your professional circle.

Show your interests and areas of expertise to attract people searching for similar information. This way your professional profile will acquire greater value on search engines.

Highlight your personality

Many employers will check your profile on Facebook to find out more information about you. Give them the chance to locate important information about your personality through your posts.

Show them that you share their philosophy and values, and can assist them attain their goals.

Share you values and interests

Highlight elements of your personality that you believe are important.

  • Share any news from organisations you are interested in.
  • Talk about people you admire and activities you are interested in. Support causes that inspire you.

Carefully select the information you re-post. It is part of your professional profile in the eyes of every potential employer.

Honesty and respect

Express yourselves with honesty and respect. Safeguard your digital reputation on social media. An employer may form a bad impression due to inappropriate posts or photographs you have attached to your profile.