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and technology training programme


from day 1

Through the TechYourFuture programme, students and young professionals who are passionate about technology have the chance to see their careers take off! You don’t need to have tech expertise or related work experience. We give you the opportunity to work at Eurobank from day one and participate in a 2-year technology training programme, which offers you certified knowledge and valuable hands-on experience on new technologies.

The TechYourFuture programme is carried out in partnership with Microsoft.

What is TechYourFuture

TechYourFuture is an employment and technology training programme that gives graduates, senior undergraduates and postgraduate students the chance to acquire knowledge and hands-on experience on new technology applications.

We offer paid employment at Eurobank and help young professionals build a strong tech profile, sharpen their professional skills and access new career opportunities.

Meanwhile, through this well-planned training programme, participants will gain certified knowledge in fields such as:

  • Information technology – IT
  • Information security
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Audit
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud analytics
  • IT & Financial Services

Once the programme is completed, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a career within dedicated units at Eurobank.

Who is eligible to participate

TechYourFuture is addressed to graduates, senior undergaduates and postgraduate students who:

  • Have no ΙΤ studies.
  • Are just starting out or have no more than 2 years work experience.
  • Have completed their military service.

What is the screening process

The candidate screening process includes 4 steps:

  • Initial evaluation of CVs by HR.
  • Online evaluation (Recorded video interview & assessment).
  • Onsite group assessment of those who have succeeded in the online evaluation.
  • Final panel interviews of the final candidates.

How to apply for the TechYourFuture programme

If you are interested in the TechYourFuture programme, apply by uploading your CV and soon you will get notified by one of our HR representatives on what to do next.

Apply now