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The Greek Postal Savings Bank Collection showcases the role and timeless contribution of the Greek Postal Savings Bank to the economic and social life of Greece. It includes exhibits from the period 1924-2016.

The collection sections

General Greek Postal Savings Bank Services (19th century, 1988-2013)

  • Old safes.
  • Old mechanical equipment.
  • Stamps and administrative documents.
  • Other exhibits that were ordered and delivered by the Procurement Department of the General Greek Postal Savings Bank Services Directorate.

Banknotes and coins (1983, 1987, 1993) 

  • Banknotes and coins that came into the possession of the Bank through transactions within its branch network.
  • Genuine and fake Greek banknotes.

Partnership with Hellenic Post (1997-2015)

  • Promotional material from the partnership between the Greek Postal Savings Bank and Hellenic Post.
  • Commemorative postage stamps and stockbooks.

Deposit and investment products (1924, 1930-2007)

  • Various types of passbooks, old and new.
  • Other deposit products of the Greek Postal Savings Bank.

Press, public relations and advertising (1930, 1964-2016)

  • Promotional material for Greek Postal Savings Bank products and services developed by the Press, Public Relations & Advertising Directorate.
  • Business listings and brochures.
  • Posters, diaries and corporate gifts.
  • Promotional calendars.
  • Money boxes.

Commemoratives (1956-2013)

  • Gifts given or received by the Bank’s Management from business bodies and associates.
  • Commemorative gifts and other exhibits from various sponsorships.
  • Corporate awards, office décor items and posters.