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Analysis in the Eurobank group

Eurobank, in line with its strategy for excellence, has developed the most powerful research and analysis team in Greece.

Its mission is to monitor and interpret the domestic and international macroeconomic developments, as well as the structure of and trends in the global capital markets and to deliver information and investment tools.

From this section, you may directly access the most current detailed research and analyses. 

Economic Research

The Economic Research & Forecasting Division conducts structural analysis of the macro economies and markets at a national, peripheral and global level. The Division publishes research and economic bulletins and organizes conferences on vital economic issues. The Financial Markets Research Division follows on a daily basis current developments and prospects in developed and emerging economies and financial markets. The two Divisions constitute Eurobank’s macroeconomic think tank. They produce macroeconomic forecasts and are an integral contributor to Eurobank’s position on important economic and market issues and to the Group’s investment strategy.

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Investment Strategy
 For the sophisticated investor, Eurobank has developed advisory tools to help identify, simplify and leverage market themes into strategies germane to both cash and derivative instruments. The approach is fundamental and opportunistic, and attempts to identify market opportunities, irrespective of market sector, instrument or geography. These advisory tools ― described in detail below ― are accessible exclusively to Private Banking clients. For more information please contact your Relationship Manager. 
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Equities Research

To keep retail and institutional investors up to speed on equity markets developments, the awarded analysts of Eurobank Equities provide in-depth coverage of Greek and international equities and derivatives. 


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Latest Publications

» Global Economic & Market Outlook: Global Macro Themes & Market Implications for the EA Periphery and the CESEE (July, 2017)

» Global Markets Special Focus Reports: Greece: January – June 2017 State Budget Execution & June 2017 General Government Arrears

» Global Markets Special Focus Reports: ECB December 8th policy decisions and market reaction

» Greece Macro Monitor - Focus Notes: Fiscal policy relaxation in a depressed economy Can there be a “Free Lunch” for Greece?

» Regional Economics & Strategy:Risk-on mood supports regional assets in early 2017


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