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Employee Development & Training

The professional development of all employees is a priority for the Eurobank EFG Group, which constantly tries to offer them all the opportunities required for their continual progress and advancement. Each employee can develop professionally, and advance, within the Group, depending on the knowledge, experience, skills, and competencies he or she possesses, or has acquired during his or her professional career, covering the Organization’s needs.

In Greece, the Bank has been implementing a development methodology based on the “Job Family Scheme.” This specific methodology assists employees from all levels to advance within a “Job Family”, or even within a “Relative Family”, depending on the knowledge, experience, skills, and competencies they possess, or have acquired during their professional career.

Major career advancement opportunities are offered, such as job enrichment, participation in projects, coaching, and transfer to other roles, duties and/or business units, while employees are encouraged to get involved with the Internal Job Market. All new job positions in Greece, as well as all career opportunities abroad, are posted by priority on the Bank’s intranet site, which is accessible by all the Group’s employees in Greece.

The following targeted Employee Development programs were implemented during 2010:

  • Professional Development Applications: These include the creation of each participant’s electronic professional profile, the provision of professional development feedback, the creation of Personal Development Plans and the operation of Professional Development Committees within all Divisions, responsible for monitoring the progress of their employees.
  • Management Team and Employee Development programs: These programs aim at enhancing leadership efficiency, as well as identifying and developing professional conduct that leads to optimum performance. They include an electronic 360° Feedback Questionnaire especially adapted to the particular features of Eurobank EFG, Assessment Centers combining various evaluation methods, Coaching, and the creation of Personal Development Plans.
  • Mentoring programs: These aim at enhancing the professional development of experienced executives, through the assumption of “mentor” roles by managers who have no direct hierarchical relation with the participants. This methodology focuses on enhancing the participants’ skills, diffusing knowledge within the Organization and improving cooperation among units. Moreover, it helps “mentors” improve their own personnel guidance and development skills.

Professional development is not a standalone affair, and cannot be achieved only by attending some career advancement course or as part of a training module. It is an ongoing process, which requires constant effort and is incorporated in the employees’ work. Eurobank EFG offers significant advancement opportunities, such as job enrichment, participation in projects, coaching, and transfers to other roles, duties and/or business unit.

Moreover, the Group encourages active involvement, and reinforces the Internal Job Market, with the aim of identifying those executives who seek to pursue a new professional career within the Group.

The aim of offering targeted training is pursued through the creation of learning plans per position. This is a detailed map of all training programs that are matched with each job position, according to the experience, knowledge and skills required by the job. This map has already been completed in the case of the Bank’s Sales Networks (Retail, Corporate, and Private Banking) and for some of its Centralized Divisions, such as the Internal Audit Division, the Compliance Department and the Human Resources General Division.

In order to provide all employees with direct and effective information about the available training programs, as well as the competencies and skills upgraded by attending these programs, the Group created a new Intranet Site dedicated to Training.

In Eurobank EFG, emphasis is placed on the development of leadership and managerial skills through training programs offered in cooperation with established educational organizations, such as the Athens University of Economics and Business, ALBA, Harvard Business Publishing, INSEAD etc.

More specifically, the following programs are offered:

  • Eurobank – ALBA Leadership Development Program: for the Organization’s mid-level and senior executives
  • Harvard Business Publishing (HBP): for enhancing the leadership and management skills of executives of all management levels.
  • Business Administration Program, in partnership with the Athens University of Economics and Business for Branch Network executives.
  • Eurobank - ALBA In-House MBA in Financial Services a groundbreaking 2-year internal postgraduate course for the Organization’s executives.

Eurobank designed and developed a specialized training program titled “Combating Fraud”, addressed to the Organizations senior, mid-level and first-level executives. The program aims at establishing a single anti-fraud culture, as well as the controls for preventing such phenomena.

In 2011, we continued to offer training programs that prepare employees for obtaining professional certification for the provision of Investment and Insurance Intermediation Services. Certification is obtained by passing exams conducted by the competent agencies, such as the Bank of Greece, the Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness etc.

Eurobank EFG has also developed an internal Corporate Banking Certification Program, which is addressed to experienced Corporate Banking Account Officers. Similarly, an International Corporate Banking Certification Program has been developed for Account Officers working with the Group’s subsidiaries in the countries of New Europe.

In 2010, we introduced a new Certification, addressed to all Small Business Banking employees. This training program was designed by the Human Resources General Division, in cooperation with the Branch Network Division, the Small Business Banking Division and the Hellenic Banking Institute. The program’s design, as well as the assessment of the participants’ needs have been completed and its implementation is expected in 2011.

Modern workplace requirements, along with the employees’ considerable familiarization with the use of computers and electronic means of communication, have made it possible to enrich training methodologies. Against this backdrop, the Group has created a series of e-learning courses, which enable participants to manage their training times (on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, from any place that has internet access). These include programs such as the Harvard Business Publishing (which is mainly realized as an e-learning course, with additional actual classroom courses), the Electronic Training Platform that features programs especially designed for the executives of the Private Banking, Personal Banking and Global Market Sales unit, the program for training Branch Network personnel on the sale and promotion of bancassurance products, general banking principles, money laundering etc.

All the Group’s subsidiaries in Greece, as well as in the countries of New Europe, participate in e-learning programs, the most important being the “Harvard Business Publishing” and “Money Laundering” courses.

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