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Retail Banking


Deposit & Investment Programs

Add value to your money, through the attractive Eurobank deposit and investment programs for individuals and small businesses.

Mutual Funds

  • No entry fees (0%)
  • Professional fund management
  • Large variety of products that covers all risk profiles

Consumer Lending

  • Open Line
  • The cash you need, on your own terms
  • Choose your repayments conditions
  • Shape your interest rate with your credit usage
  • Profit from the 10% interest refund open line offers to loyal customers


  • Up to EUR 15,000 cash, whenever and wherever you may want
  • Credit up to EUR 15,000 for your purchases
  • Interest-free instalments

Loans for Professionals & Companies (with turnover up to € 2.5 mil.)

Working capital loans
Business equipment loans, with long tenor of repayment and financing up to 100% of equipment cost
Business premises financing, up to 100% of the real estate commercial value
For further information on our Retail Banking products, please visit your nearest Eurobank branch or contact Europhone Banking at +30 210 95 5500



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