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The Group
Welcome to Eurobank!
The Eurobank Group is a dynamic banking organisation active in seven countries, with total assets of €64.0 billion and 15,846 employees. Established in 1990, continues its dynamic growth with stable and decisive steps, with a focus on the diverse needs of its customers
With a total network of 897 branches in Greece and abroad, the Group offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its retail and corporate customers.
In Greece, Eurobank is one of the four systemic banks. The Group also holds a strategic position in retail and business banking in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, as well as offering offers distinguished Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London.

One Bank – Two Branch Networks
In 2013, the Eurobank Group acquired former “New TT Hellenic Postbank S.A.” and former “New Proton Bank S.A”, and enhanced its strategic position in the Greek banking system, creating significant synergies for its clients, employees and shareholders.
The values of Eurobank, a dynamic, innovative and modern financial institution complement those of the New TT Hellenic Postbank (New TT HPB), an organization with long history, strongly associated with the idea of ‘Savings’ in Greece and recognized for its friendly service. The values, as well as the highly skilled and experienced personnel of the merged Bank, constitute unique competitive advantages in today’s Greek banking sector. 
The operational merger of New TT HPB with Eurobank was fully completed in May 2014, with the integration of former T Bank systems in the Eurobank IT environment, and puts into practice the Bank’s responsible strategic decision to maintain two distinct branch networks: a network under the brand name Eurobank and a network under the brand name New TT Branch Network. The Bank recognizes and respects the uniqueness of the customer experience offered by each network and provides seamless service continuity to all clients at the network of their choice.
Our primary mission and commitment is to continuously improve the banking relationship with our clients across all our networks, maximizing on our combined pool of knowledge and experience.

Latest News


» Appointment of Hellenic Financial Stability Fund’s new representative in Eurobank’s Board of Directors, 10/12/2017

» €260 million total support for SMEs: Eurobank and EIF agreement to extend their cooperation in the context of COSME program, 10/11/2017

» Eurobank sells non-performing loan portfolio to Intrum, 10/05/2017

» Eurobank – Banco Santander: Strategic partnership for global trade, 10/04/2017

» Replacement of Hellenic Financial Stability Fund's representative in accordance with the provisions of Law 3864/2010, 10/02/2017

» Eurobank and Banca Transilvania are in negotiations as regard the potential sale of Eurobank subsidiaries in Romania, 09/15/2017

» egg-enter grow go: Meetings with representatives from Toronto and Washington Universities, 09/13/2017

» Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results, 08/30/2017

» Announcement date of the 2Q2017 Results, 08/21/2017

» Replacement of Greek State’s representative in accordance with the provisions of Law 3723/2008, 07/14/2017

» Eurobank announces the successful sale of 20,252,001 shares in Grivalia Properties by way of accelerated bookbuild offering,07/04/2017

» Eurobank announces its intention to sell up to 20,252,001 shares in Grivalia Properties by way of accelerated bookbuild offering,07/03/2017

» Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of 16.6.2017, 06/16/2017

» Acquisition of Eurobank’s shares by subsidiaries of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited («Fairfax»), 06/01/2017

» Invitation to Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 16.06.2017, 05/19/2017

» First Quarter 2017 Financial Results, 05/19/2017

» Announcement date of the 1st Q2017  Results, 05/08/2017 

» Announcement - Resignation of member of the Board of Directors, 04/07/2017

» FY2016 Financial Results, 03/29/2017

» 2nd “Beyond Hackathon” Competition by Eurobank Innovation Center, 03/23/2017

» Announcement date of FY2016 Results, 03/20/2017

» Eurobank FPS-Licensed by the Bank of Greece, 03/20/2017

» New international cooperation of Eurobank’s Private Banking with M&G,03/06/2017

» 2nd regional FinTech Competition “Beyond Hackathon”,  02/28/2017

» Press Conference, 5th cycle egg, 02/20/2017

» Replacement of member of the Board of Directors, 01/13/2017

» TAS Group Acquires Universal Bank from Eurobank Group, 12/27/2016

» Transfer of the bonds of a corporate bond loan of €150m gross book value issued by MIG from Eurobank to Fortress Group, 12/05/2016

» Announcemement board of directors, 11/16/2016

» Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results, 11/16/2016

» Announcement - Resignation of member of the Board of Directors, 11/04/2016

» Announcement - Replacement of Μember of the Board of Directors, 10/26/2016

» EIF - Eurobank agreement, 10/24/2016

» Announcement date of the 3rd Q2016  Results, 10/19/2016

» EIB  - Eurobank agreement, 09/14/2016

» Announcement – Reformation of the Executive Board, 09/02/2016

» Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results, 08/31/2016

» IFC – Eurobank agreement, 08/23/2016

» Completion of the sale of 80% of the share capital of Eurolife ERB Insurance Group Holdings S.A., 08/04/2016

» Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders & Board of Directors of 06.15.2016, 06/15/2016

» Eurobank to Pursue Digital Transformation of Subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine with New ‘Intelligent Infrastructure’ Platform Provided by Accenture, 06/14/2016

» Invitation to Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 06.15.2016, 05/25/2016

» Eurobank’ s subsidiaries reach agreement with IFC and Kruk to dispose a portfolio of non-performing unsecured consumer loans to Romanian clients, 05/20/2016

» Disclosure of the 1st Quarter 2016 Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements, 05/19/2016

» First Quarter 2016 Financial Results, 05/17/2016

» Alpha Bank, Eurobank and KKR reach agreement to support Greek companies, 05/17/2016

» Announcement date of the 1st Q2016 Results, 05/05/2016

» Announcement Notification of the Home Member State of Eurobank Ergasias S.A., 04/26/2016

» Fourth Quarter 2015 Trading Update, 03/02/2016

» Completion of the acquisition of Alpha Bank’s Bulgarian Branch by Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank), 03/01/2016

» Announcement date of the Full Year 2015 Results, 2/18/2016

» Completion of the process of distribution of the fractional balances resulted from the reverse split., 12/28/2015

» Disposal of Eurobank’s 80% of the share capital of Eurolife ERB Insurance Group Holdings S.A., 12/22/2015

» Distribution of fractional balances by reverse split, 12/21/2015

» Announcement pursuant to article 7a (par. 6 case c) of L. 3864/2010, 12/18/2015

» Announcement pursuant to article 7a (par. 6 case c) of L. 3864/2010, 12/07/2015

» More news

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