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Welcome to Eurobank!

The Eurobank Group is a dynamic banking organisation active in seven countries, with total assets of €64.0 billion and 15,846 employees. With a total network of 897 branches in Greece and abroad, the Group offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its retail and corporate customers.

In Greece, Eurobank is one of the four systemic banks. With two distinct retail branch networks, the Eurobank Network and the New TT Branch Network, as well as business specialised centres, a private banking network and award-winning electronic service channels, the Group’s philosophy focuses on high quality services to its customers.

The Group also holds a strategic position in retail and business banking in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, as well as offering offers distinguished Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London.

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Eurobank and Banca Transilvania are in negotiations as regard the potential sale of Eurobank subsidiaries in Romania

egg-enter grow go: Meetings with representatives from Toronto and Washington Universities



Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results

Global Macro Themes & Market Implications for the EA Periphery and the CESEE (July, 2017)

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