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My Advantage Banking

My Advantage Banking

Transactions and services

with a choice of 3 packages


at partner companies

Discount of up to 50%

depending on your relationship with us

Discover a new era of benefits with My Advantage Banking for individuals. Choose one of the programme packages and make the most of your relationship with Eurobank: secure benefits at partner companies and save money on your transactions every month. By banking with us, you gain more while meeting your everyday needs. Link your account to the package that best meets your needs today!


Can’t decide yet? Compare all packages to find out which one best suits your needs.

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Save money daily

With My Advantage Banking, you save money on your transactions every day:

  • Bill payments, e.g. power, phone, insurance
  • Cash transfers, e.g. rent or credit card payments at another bank
  • Cash transfers from other banks, e.g. collecting rent for your properties

You can save up to €44 a month, depending on the package you choose, compared to carrying out each transaction separately.

Discounts on your package

Depending on your relationship with Eurobank, you may be entitled to discounts  on the package fees.

Find out the final cost of your package when you choose it on e-Banking or the Eurobank Mobile App.

Download the Eurobank Mobile App to activate My Advantage Banking in 3 simple steps from your mobile phone:

Βρείτε το Eurobank Mobile App στο Google Play  Βρείτε το Eurobank Mobile App στο App Store  Βρείτε το Eurobank Mobile App στο AppGallery

Benefits at partner companies

With all packages, you get benefits and discounts at: Kotsovolos, Praktiker, Elpedison, Huawei and Vodafone.
Free troubleshooting and discounts on repair, connection, set-up, etc. of your devices.

At a Kotsovolos store, you get:

  • Free-of-charge troubleshooting for your mobile, tablet or computer
  • 30% discount on repairs and upgrades for your mobile, tablet or computer
  • 20% discount on the cost of connecting, installing or setting up your white goods and TVs

View details about the benefits you get at Kotsovolos.

Special rates for air conditioner maintenance and a discount on Garden or Interior Experts services.

At a Praktiker store, you get:

  • Special rates for air conditioning maintenance
  • 50% discount on landscaping services by the Praktiker Garden Experts
  • 50% discount on interior design and decoration services by the Praktiker Interior Experts

View details about the benefits you get at Praktiker.

Gift on your electricity and/or natural gas bill.

Secure benefits, such as a gift of up to €190 on your electricity bill or up to €340 in combination with natural gas if you select one of Elpedison’s programmes.

View details about the benefits you get at Elpedison.

Exclusive monthly plans at special rates.

Compare My Advantage Banking packages

Compare the transactions and services the 3 packages offer, so you can choose the one that's best for you.

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