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Debit Mastercard

Debit Mastercard

Biodegradable material
for the first time in Greece
Cashback rewards
in euros
Builds up

tax deductions

New Debit MastercardEco Plastic

The new biodegradable Debit Mastercard belongs to the new generation of Eurobank cards, with modern vertical design. Use your debit card to shop, withdraw or deposit money, and make payments and cash transfers. You may also use it to build up your tax deductions, make contactless transactions and save money through the €pistrofi loyalty programme.

Get a Debit Mastercard

To get a Debit Mastercard, make an appointment at any Eurobank branch.

MAKE an appointment

No need to wait in line. On the day and time of your appointment, we will call your name at the branch entrance according to the time of your appointment. This way you’ll enter the branch right away to get your debit card.

We help you fill in the application. Your debit card is issued on the spot.