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The economic reports, reviews and bulletins issued by Eurobank offer you the chance to keep up to date with the financial markets, identify opportunities on time and make insightful investment decisions. Institutional and private investors, the financial Press and the media in Greece and abroad often refer to and quote the reports.

Expert knowledge for you

The economic analysts conduct in-depth research and analysis of the macroeconomic landscape in Greece, other geographic regions with special interest and internationally.

Greek Economy

Economic Bulletin

  • Economy & Markets: It analyses and researches matters of the Greek and international economy.

Economies of New Europe – Central and SE Europe

Global Economy & Markets

The Eurobank macroeconomic think tank

Behind every economic report, review or bulletin we issue is the macroeconomic think tank of Eurobank: the Economic Research & Forecasting Division and the Financial Markets Research Division.

The Division is headed by Dr Tasos Anastasatos, Eurobank Group Chief Economist and Eurobank Assistant General Manager. Dr Anastasatos is also Research Associate at the University of Piraeus.

The think tank analysts are distinguished experts with deep insights into the markets:

  • They monitor the global money markets daily.
  • They analyse the current developments and macroeconomic landscape of the financial markets.
  • They identify prospects in developed and developing economies.
  • They forecast macroeconomic fundamentals. 
  • They host scientific events and conferences on major financial issues.

The reports they issue inform Eurobank's perspective on major issues. They are a point of reference in formulating the Eurobank Group investment strategy.