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Initiation of merger process

The Board of Directors of EFG Eurobank Ergasias SA (“Eurobank”) and DIAS Portfolio Investments S.A. (“DIAS”), at their meetings on 1 November 2010, decided to initiate the merger process between Eurobank and DIAS under the following basic terms:
a) The merger will take place by the absorption of DIAS by Eurobank, by consolidating the assets and liabilities of both entities, under the provisions of laws 2515/1997, 2166/1993 and 2190/1920, combined.
b) The merger reference date is set as 2 November 2010.
c) The proposed exchange ratio of the old (pre-merger) shares of DIAS and Eurobank with the new (post-merger) Eurobank shares is: 6.2 existing DIAS shares for 1 new Eurobank share and 1 new EUROBANK share for every 1 Eurobank share held.