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Operating in an international environment, we recognise the need to provide bespoke services to those who identify opportunities abroad. To this end, we have established dedicated customer service points and have launched products and services to better accommodate your specific needs. Whether you are a foreign citizen investing or retiring in Greece, or a Greek living abroad, we are here to help you.

Who we help

We provide integrated banking services to customers living abroad.

Golden Visa Investors

Enjoy your stay in Greece with no time restrictions and with free movement within the Schengen zone for 90 days every 6 months. You will need to make an investment, such as a minimum of:

  • €250,000 in real estate or other investments.
  • €400,000 in a time deposit.

Certain conditions may apply.

Non-Dom Tax Residents

Benefit from a flat annual tax of €100,000 on your global income, by transferring your tax residence and investing €500,000 in the Greek Non-Dom programme.

We provide all related services through our Retail International Branch, by appointment only. Certain conditions may apply.


Retire in Greece and benefit from a 7% annual tax rate on your global income through the Greek Non-Dom programme for pensioners.

Certain conditions may apply.

Greeks of the Diaspora and Expatriates

Meet your banking needs in Greece through the Eurobank digital channels:

  • Apply for a loan to buy property in Greece or refurbish your existing home.
  • Insure your property in Greece.
  • Apply for a debit card.
  • Carry out banking transactions, and pay your taxes and utility bills online.

We can also assist you with tax and administrative issues, and property management.

Foreign Investors

Buy your holiday home and enjoy all the benefits Greece has to offer.

We can help you:

  • Get a Greek tax number.
  • Manage your property and get a return on your investment.

Once you become a Eurobank customer you can:

  • Apply for a loan to buy property in Greece or refurbish your existing home.
  • Insure your property in Greece.
  • Apply for a debit card.
  • Carry out banking transactions, and pay your utility bills and taxes online.


Our dedicated Retail International Branch offers customised services to your clients when they apply for the Greek Golden Visa or Non-Dom programmes. All services are offered by appointment only.

How you benefit

We help customers around the world meet their banking needs in Greece.

Seamless experience

The Retail International Branch has been designed to provide exclusive services to Golden Visa and Non-Dom Investors.

Our qualified and well-trained staff can offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy a seamless experience, by appointment only.

Remote account opening

To overcome borders, distances and travel restrictions, we are working towards offering the option of opening an account with us remotely or via proxy.

Fill in the contact form, so we can get back to you as soon as the service is available.

Banking products

Meet your various banking needs:

  • Mortgage loans.
  • Deposit accounts in all major currencies.
  • Time deposits.
  • Debit cards.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts through online banking solutions.


Meet your dedicated Personal Banker online, wherever you are.

Through v-Banking, they can help you meet your daily needs and explore your options for the future. This ground-breaking service saves you time and allows you to carry out your banking transactions safely and easily, as if you were actually at the bank.

Make your appointment online to enjoy an innovative video-banking experience.

Insurance products

We have launched life and health insurance programmes that are compliant with the requirements in the Greek Golden Visa law.

Home and car insurance is also available to all our clients for their assets in Greece.

Third-party consulting

We cooperate with leading consultants to provide you with tax and public administration related services:

  • Applying for a Greek Golden Visa or tax residence programme.
  • Issuing a Greek tax number.
  • Filing your tax returns.
  • Paying your taxes in due time.
  • Tax-planning to better manage your family wealth.

Real estate management

In partnership with trustworthy real estate agencies, we provide end-to-end management services:

  • Property and tenancy searches.
  • Sale contracts and tenancy agreements.
  • Property management, including maintenance and apartment building management.
  • Valuations.
  • Property sales.

Get in touch

Fill in our contact form to get more information about our products and services.


The above information under no circumstances constitutes advice or service of a fiscal or investment nature, nor is sufficient for making fiscal or investment decisions.