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The General Meeting of shareholders is the supreme decision-making body of Eurobank. All shareholders have the right to attend and vote. We inform our shareholders on time about the agenda of each General Meeting. To help them participate, we use new technologies.


At least 20 days before the General Meeting date, we inform our shareholders and give them access to all necessary information, in compliance with the Greek Law. The Notice of General Meeting includes:

  • Date, time and place of the Meeting.
  • Items on the agenda.
  • Participation and voting rights with the relevant procedures.
  • Minority shareholder rights.
  • Relevant documents available.

All resolutions and information about each General Meeting are posted under Investor Relations on the Eurobank website.

Participation and proxies

We help our shareholders participate in General Meetings. All Eurobank shareholders have the right to participate in person or appoint a proxy.

Proxies must be appointed no later than 3 days before the Meeting date:

  • Online, via e-General Meeting. Eurobank is the first listed company in the Greek Stock Exchange to offer its shareholders the option to appoint and revoke their proxies online.
  • In writing, at any Eurobank branch or at our Investor Information Services.

Find out more about Participation and Proxies at Eurobank General Meetings.

Minority rights

We encourage our minority shareholders to take active part in Eurobank operations. We apply the provisions of Article 39 of Codified Greek Law 2190/1920 to the procedures, deadlines and ways of exercising minority rights.

General Meeting duties

The General Meeting is solely responsible for all issues outlined in Article 34 of Codified Greek Law 2190/1920. These include:

  • Amendments to the Articles of Association.
  • Appointment of Board members and auditors.
  • Approval of the annual financial statements.
  • Earnings and dividend distribution.
  • Business combinations, such as share capital increase/decrease, splits, etc.

Convening a General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held once a year.

The Eurobank Board of Directors has the right to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting when this is considered necessary or required by Law.

Lawful convention

The General Meeting of the Eurobank shareholders duly convenes when the required quorum is present, in compliance with Article 29 of Codified Greek Law 2190/1920.