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Via the e-General Meeting online platform, Eurobank shareholders can appoint or revoke their proxies for the General Meetings online. The platform also offers them easy and instant access to the General Meeting details and agenda items.

Appoint or revoke your proxy online

Via the e-General Meeting online platform, our shareholders can electronically appoint or revoke their proxies for the General Meetings. Eurobank is the first listed company in the Greek Stock Exchange to offer this option to its shareholders.

Find out how to appoint a proxy online and revoke a proxy online via e-General Meeting.

Instant access to information

Via e-General Meeting, our shareholders have instant access to all necessary General Meeting details:

  • Place, time and date of the Meeting.
  • Information regarding the items on the agenda.

e-General Meeting Availability

Registration with e-General Meeting is available 24/7 throughout the year, whether or not there is a General Meeting scheduled.

Electronic proxy appointment and revocation is only available when a General Meeting is scheduled.

More specifically, the service is:

  • Activated on the publication date of the Notice of General Meeting, at least 20 days before the meeting.
  • Deactivated 1 working day before the General Meeting, at the exact time the General Meeting is scheduled to begin. Beyond that point in time, shareholders can only appoint or revoke a proxy in writing.

Personal Data Protection

The details/data our shareholders enter in the e-General Meeting registration form and those submitted or obtained when they use the online platform are protected with appropriate organisational and technical security steps.

If a shareholder changes their mind, they may cancel their registration. In this case, all their details/data are erased from the e-General Meeting online platform. The details/data not erased are those that must be kept in line with the legal and/or regulatory framework in force, as well as those that are necessary to exercise rights and safeguard the legal rights and interests of Eurobank.


The e-General Meeting Technical Support Hotline is available 24/7: +302109555300.

For any questions, please contact the Investor Information Services Division during working hours and days:

Phone: +302103522400
Fax: +302103522681
email: investorsinfo@eurobank.gr
8 Iolkou & Filikis Etaireias Streets, 14234 Athens, Greece