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E-Payments and E-Receipts with Live-Pay by Eurobank

Live-Pay by Eurobank EFG is the new innovative online payment service that allows the Bank’s retail customers to repay their debts to organizations or companies over the Internet from their PC or their mobile phone, by using a credit card that is issued by any bank. Companies can also automatically collect debts from their customers.

More specifically, customers can now settle a range of debts online via Live-Pay, such as debts to the state, phone and internet bills, insurance premiums, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, accommodation at hotels and much more, with a credit card or prepaid card that is issued by any bank (Visa, MasterCard, Prepaid Visa).

The Live-Pay version is also available on mobiles for the users of the latest generation of mobile phones. Users of the most popular Smartphones (iphone, android) can also make their payments from the browser on their mobile phone by typing in the address

Using the service is fast and safe, free and very easy. The Live-Pay user completes the payment in 3 easy steps. The payment is made immediately and a transaction receipt is issued that can be printed, saved or receive a copy that is issued via email. There will also be the capacity to settle certain types of payments by instalments.

The registered members of Live-Pay can also enjoy additional functions to facilitate the monitoring and execution of their payments, such as access to their transaction history, the storage of their regular payments, electronic record keeping for payments / receipts etc.

The service is available 24 hours a day and a Live-Pay representative is always available to provide service via Live chat, or over the phone at no cost and without waiting!

Businesses can improve customer service and the efficiency of their revenue-raising procedures by joining Live-Pay at Eurobank and acquiring a new channel for remote collections without even the need to have their own website.

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