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With the awarded ExportGate international trade portal, we offer Greek and Cypriot businesses networking opportunities in the global market and help them seek synergies for their products across the globe.

Find out how your business can secure access to ExportGate’s advanced tools and dedicated resources to boost its business operations.

Networking across the globe

With ExportGate you can explore networking opportunities on a global scale. Use modern networking tools to locate potential buyers for your products abroad.

The Trade Club Alliance international business network

Through ExportGate Greek and Cypriot businesses join one of the largest international trade networks. The Trade Club Alliance is the No. 1 global online business network, supported by international banking institutions in over 35 countries.

ExportGate is a member of the Trade Club Alliance through the strategic partnership forged between Eurobank and Banco Santander, a leading bank in retail and corporate banking registered in Spain.

As a founding member of the Trade Club Alliance, ExportGate leverages advanced or AI technologies and modern networking tools in international trade. If offers you the know-how, network and platform to expand your international horizons and connect with trade partners all over the world.

To join the Trade Club Alliance, set up a profile for your business on ExportGate. Provided you meet the necessary requirements, we invite you to join the Trade Club Alliance.

Verify your account and fill in the required information for your business (over 60% of the profile fields). Your profile then appears on the Trade Club Alliance.

Participating in the Trade Club Alliance

ExportGate is one of the most popular trade portals worldwide.

Having partnered with international banks in over 35 countries (USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, China, etc.), the Trade Club Alliance is expected to keep expanding with force in many target markets.

All the participating banks follow procedures and controls that safeguard network integrity.

To access ExportGate and find potential buyers for your products per country and field of operation, log into the ExportGate international trade portal.

Exploring digital networking opportunities with the Trade Corridors

We are opening up new trade avenues for Greek and Cypriot businesses through the Trade Corridors, a digital networking initiative brought to you by Eurobank and the Trade Club Alliance.

Backed by the online networking tools offered by the platform, we locate businesses that are Trade Club Alliance members and present considerable common interest. Through the Trade Corridors we create the conditions for potential synergies in the digital and/or physical world.

To date, in partnership with Banco Santander, we have successfully held 2 Trade Corridors: in Spain and Poland. Through 200 targeted B2B meetings, we brought 34 Greek businesses into contact with 60 international buyers.

Penetrating new markets with Go International

Through the Go International business delegation initiative, we support and boost the outward-looking potential of Greek export businesses.

The Go International business delegations give your business the chance to come into contact with potential associates or buyers in select industries abroad.

To date, a total of 8 business delegations have been successfully concluded as part of the Go International business delegation initiative.

More than 13,000 targeted B2B meetings have been held between 740 Greek export businesses and 1,070 international companies / buyers from around the world.

Business success stories

Greek businesses from various sectors have managed to boost their extroversion and improve their competitiveness by participating in ExportGate and the Trade Club Alliance.

Updates on new trends and developments

Through the ExportGate International Trade e-Library, one of the largest international trade e-Libraries, you gain access to information on more than 180 countries.

You receive valuable information on macroeconomic issues and statistics, market trends and consumer behaviour per country. It makes it easy to locate information online on more than 1 million importers in more than 200 countries.

You use tools to find out about the volume and value or imports and exports per product, to and from the country you are interested in. Through the e-platform, your business gains access to more than 1 million calls for expression of interest from private and public entities in countries across the globe.

The ExportGate International Trade e-Library is open to businesses from all industries. Since 2013 it has attracted more than 1 million visitors from 110 countries. Over 5,500 Greek businesses from some of the country’s most robust exporting sectors participate in it.

To access the International Trade e-Library, you just need to be an ExportGate member.

Set up a profile for your business and gain immediate access to the library.

Consultation and training

Through ExportGate you make the most of our expertise, know-how and advanced tools to enhance the operation and competitiveness of your business.

Boosting extroversion with Trade Events

We regularly host Trade Events. At the Trade Events you have the chance to boost the extroversion of your business in the international market.

We offer comprehensive digital solutions that meet your needs in the IT sector and in global business networking.

We discuss your needs and propose step-by-step solutions for your business operations. You also become familiar with tools offered by Eurobank to manage and finance your international trade transactions.

Exploring ExportGate through online tutorials

Tutorials give you the chance to explore the various ExportGate sections and get a first-hand information about the benefits they can offer your business.

Discover ExportGate through tutorials:

Partnering with industry bodies

The ExportGate international trade portal is a Eurobank initiative, in partnership with the main Greek export and industry bodies:

  • Panhellenic Exporters Association (PEA)
  • Greek International Business Association (SEVE)
  • Expoerters’ Association of Crete (EAC)
  • Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)

We have also partnered with Enterprise Greece, aiming to boost exports and attract investments to Greece.

In Cyprus, the ExportGate portal works with the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

Synergies with major tech ecosystems

We forge synergies with the largest tech ecosystems in Greece. ExportGate has teamed up with the Hellenic Port Community System (HPCS), Hellenic Port Community’s first electronic platform. Import and export businesses have free access to the HPCS platform.

HPCS automates, certifies and interconnects port and supply chain operations. By automating the import/export flows of products and containers it:

  • Ensures their fast, secure and orderly traffic by sea, road, rail and air.
  • Accelerates and safeguards the completion and coordination of all procedures, and the exchange of information.

Furthermore, the HPCS platform connects the Hellenic Port Community’s public and private agencies with all traders: customs authorities, shipping agents, freight forwarders, customs brokers, ports, railways, airports and logistics businesses.

The services of the HPCS platform are provided by PCT SA (Piraeus Container Terminal SA), a member of the COSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd. Group, and PCDC SA (Piraeus Consolidation and Distribution Center SA). They aim to:

  • Further develop services for the Hellenic Port Community’s electronic platform, to facilitate import and export trade.
  • Bring more traders to the platform.
  • Establish Greece as a value-added and logistics services hub.

Benefits for Trade Club Alliance members

On ExportGate’s 10-year anniversary milestone, either you are active or a new member, you can secure special benefits to meet your business needs.

For working capital

Get the ETC limit working capital on favourable terms and rates, provided you apply by 30.09.2024. The favourable rates apply for 1 year from the date of approval.

Secure immediate liquidity and finance your export/import needs.

To get the ETC limit working capital, talk to your Relationship Manager at the dedicated unit or branch you work with. Otherwise, contact a Business Advisor.

For cross-border import/export transactions

Secure favourable rates on cross-border import/export transactions you carry out for your business through Eurobank until 31.03.2025.

To secure these rates, it is necessary that the transactions are with businesses that are also TCA members and the deals are concluded through