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We support the Apostoli Stands by the Students initiative of the Apostoli NGO, the Charity Organisation of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens. Since 2014 we have been helping the families of students with limited access to food due to the economic and social crisis in Greece. We offer them food parcels that cover an essential part of their daily nutritional needs.

Supporting the Apostoli mission

We have been supporting the Apostoli Stands by the Students initiative of the Apostoli NGO since 2014, both as donors and as exclusive sponsors. We help the families of students who are deprived of basic food items. Every month we donate food parcels.

These parcels contain staple foods necessary for the nutritional needs of students and their families: rice, pasta, lentils, sugar, flour, milk, etc. We cover a small yet essential part of their daily nutritional needs.

Apostoli delivers the food parcels to the schools, which in turn distribute them to the families of the students. It also ensures their anonymity, to avoid disturbing the relationships of the children at school.

The Apostoli Stands by the Students initiative was launched by Ieronymos II, the Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece. It is carried out by the Apostoli NGO, in partnership with the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. The Ministry decides which schools are to be included in the Apostoli Stands by the Students initiative among primary and secondary schools in Athens.

What we have accomplished so far

In 2014 Eurobank became a donor and the exclusive sponsor of the Apostoli Stands by the Students initiative by the Apostoli NGO. Through this Corporate Social Responsibility action, to date we have given away around:

  • 110,000 food parcels in total to 2,032 families of students (7,308 family members in total).
  • €1,400,000 in donations (we have been supporting the social actions of Apostoli since 2014).
  • €400,000 in donations by Eurobank staff and customers.

We build on our values

By supporting the social and humanitarian actions of Apostoli, we have been linking entrepreneurship to social responsibility in action, above and beyond the obligation of the state and official bodies. We believe that:

  • “We all live in a single society and our responsibility is to assist it in overcoming any obstacles, so that better days are ahead of us all.” 
  • “We must support the vulnerable population groups and address the humanitarian crisis experienced by the country.”
  • “It is the responsibility of the leadership and the well-off to pave the way. The private sector is responsible for undertaking solidarity and humanitarian initiatives.”

Thanks to all of our efforts, Apostoli Stands by the Students is becoming a major humanitarian action.

We carry on strong

During the 2016-2017 school year we donated 4,600 food parcels every month.

To support even more students and families in need, we aspire to multiply the food parcels we deliver.

We inspire all of you who want to help. We raise awareness for Apostoli Stands by the Students through our bank branches, EuroPhone Banking, e-Banking and our ATMs. We help you make your donation at a bank teller, ATM, over the phone or online.

Let’s join forces and raise the hopes of thousands more children, without distinctions or exclusions.